How to Write a Conclusion for Your Essay

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You knocked off your readers’ socks by writing a fantastic introduction. So you should know how to write a conclusion if you kept them reading to the end.

You could start out your essay with a great idea in your mind and you just keep flowing and flowing. Don’t you just love when you’re on a roll?

Beginning with a punch is all good but what about the ending? Your readers have to be intrigued throughout and the ending should give them great satisfaction. You can ask any essay writing service to help, but you should keep in mind that a reader needs to remember the whole story and not just a small part of it. 

So how will you do this? Let’s look at a few techniques on how to write a conclusion.

Think of a Burger

No. Seriously. Just indulge me. I’m going somewhere with this. You see how a burger has the top bun, the meat patty in the middle and then the bottom bun? Well, look at your story the same way.

The top is the introduction, the middle the main story (and if it has more than one patty then that would indicate more paragraphs in the body) and the bottom bun is the ending.

The top and bottom buns are similar in that they are both buns but they serve different purposes. Therefore, make your ending something that has a relation to the first paragraph.

It could be additional information or just a conclusion of sorts about the same issue.


A beginning: A child needs a proper diet and a good amount of exercise to keep them physically healthy but some people take it a little too far.

An ending: While we appreciate the need for good health in children, remember to make it a fun activity and not a boot camp.

Quote an Expert

Whatever you are writing about, somebody else has to have a little more experience and knowledge about it than you do, right? Not that you don’t know much about it but someone else can speak with authority on the matter. Use this person’s voice to add some oomph and give your piece a stamp of authority.


On the same topic about children and a healthy lifestyle:

“Children do need to eat healthy and to get a reasonable amount of exercise from a very young age”, said Dr. Mundia, a pediatrician at AgaKhan Hospital. “You will, however, need to be very careful how you achieve this because fun is the best way to teach a child as opposed to drilling like many people believe. Look at it from a child’s perspective and you will know how to get your child to eat well and exercise while you both enjoy it.”

Everything the expert said sums up what the essay is about without repeating anything said before it. Such research paper writing services as DoMyWriting declare that it gives a proper conclusion and true sense of closure even for the reader. It’s a great way on how to write a conclusion for your essay.

You could put this together with the burger technique by starting and ending with a life story or quote from the same expert.

Engage Your Wit

A witty closing shot is a great way to finish an essay. It is a little like the first method but instead of revisiting the introduction, you use the headline or title as the point of reference.

Write a Call to Action

Another great way on how to write a conclusion is to write a call to action at the end of your essay directing your readers on what to do. You could ask them to perform a particular action, support your idea, and share the opinion. The call to action can also be a conversion attempt where you ask readers to do something for a certain offer.

Write a Recap of the Essay’s Main Points

At times you can end the essay by giving a summary of its main points. You can do this in one to three sentences.

Now you have three ways to help you on how to write a conclusion for your essays. That covers a lot of ground and you can play around with them as much as you want. Now work on filling up those patties in the middle.

About the author: Diane H. Wong is a business coach. Besides, she is a research paper writer at DoMyWriting so she prefers to spend her spare time working out marketing strategies. In this case, she has an opportunity to share her experience with others and keep up with advancing technologies.