How to use Instagram Metrics



With almost 30% of the world’s internet users using the platform, Instagram has seen an exponential rise since 2010. Many businesses and content creators have turned their fortunes into gold using Instagram.

But one should not believe that Instagram can become a gold mine for anyone. Other than the quality of content, thorough analytics is essential to understanding audience engagement. Reckless posting without understanding their demand will not create the virality of posts intended in the first place.

Instagram metrics help creators understand the demands, likes, dislikes, and overall engagement status. Analytics provide rich feedback, and when used correctly, they can attract the desired audience’s attention and retention.

Instagram’s Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) help identify the profile of the audience engaging with the content. It is essential if the target is to create a huge fan base as it determines the kind of content that will be profitable.

7 Metrics To Help You Track Your Success

These seven metrics can help you track your success rate and understand what’s working with your audience:

  • Followers

What is Instagram without followers, right? Increasing followers on Instagram is the most ideal and effective metric to understand if the posted content resonates with people. However, the goal is to retain followers and not merely increase them. A loyal fan base can do wonders for a brand.

You can calculate the follower growth rate for a specific period using the following formula:

((Followers on Day Y- Followers on Day X) ÷ (Followers on Day X)) * 100

  • Engagement

Likes, comments, and shares can direct more traffic to the profile or particular posts and improve the profile engagement statistics. The Instagram algorithm, or any other social media platform, prioritizes a higher engagement rate content.

Any brand will approach an influencer when they see an active follower base that can benefit their brand. Responding to the posts’ comments is a great starter to increase engagement and create a personal bond with the followers.

People can also use online Instagram engagement calculator rates for improved accuracy.

  • Impressions

Instagram impressions help the creator and marketer understand if what they are creating is showing up on people’s feeds as per the Instagram algorithm or not. More views indicate that you are in the right direction, and with the correct hashtags, you can improve the engagement too.

People can resonate with a particular post or the brand content in general, which gives higher profile impressions. The goal should be to attract followers to the brand for a loyal and engaging audience.

  • Blockbuster Posts

Many brands and creators have become overnight sensations with a few posts, while many have struggled to carve a niche despite doing the same frequently.

What differentiates both is the attention to content that is a hit among users. Influencers and marketers should analyze their best-performing posts and chalk out reasons for that performance. These reasons range from posting time, content, relatability with the audience, etc.

Instagram insights behind a blockbuster performance can help the creator replicate the same creation process for higher engagement.

  • Audience activity time

The audience of every age group varies in their activity time on the platform. Some are active in the daytime, while many use it at night. Some use it the most on weekends, while others are active throughout the week.

These Instagram insights can be a game changer for creators who can decide their post timing according to the targeted audience’s activity time.

  • Hashtag Performance

Using hashtags on Instagram is like using keywords for an SEO blog. You can analyze the difference by uploading two pictures: a regular one and one with a hashtag. You will be surprised to see an exponential increase in engagement and impressions on the latter.

Hashtag research for Instagram is not rocket science. It is doable by looking at your posts or similar posts of other creators. Customizable hashtags add something unique to the feed and get associated with your brand, helping to get more traction.

  • Story, Reels, and IGTV performance

Stories and reels on Instagram have proved to be a game changer for many content creators and for Instagram too. People are more likely to see reels before posts, and intriguing ones can direct the users to your profile, increasing engagement and impressions.


Those who have used Instagram insights effectively have changed their lives overnight. It makes the brand’s profile noticeable and creates a loyal fan base with a global reach. All this insights analysis needs a bit of patience, confidence, and effort. Once you identify the pattern of engagement and work on the profile accordingly, it will witness unprecedented growth, making you a top creator on Instagram.

Instagram Insights is also a feature that is a testament to the fact that Instagram is becoming a perfect platform for influencers and content creators. The platform makes it easier to develop strategies and hints at what the algorithm prefers in terms of quality. Instagram Insights understand the importance of engagement to give users a seamless browsing experience.