How to Take Care of Your Dining Table

Dining Table

Dining Table

No matter how often you use your dining room furniture or whether you only save it for special events, it’s important to remember to take care of it. And more so if you bought an elegant-looking one. So, here’s a simple guide to help you take care of your dining table and make it last longer so you can enjoy it for many years.

Easy Tips on Taking Care of Your Dining Table

Focus on its material if you want to achieve proper care and maintenance on your beloved dining table. The material where your table was made will play an important factor in how you should maintain it.

Natural Wood

For natural wood dining tables, there are daily and long-term maintenance procedures you should follow to keep them in top shape.

Daily or Weekly Clean Up

You can do some things every day to make your furniture last longer.

  • Clean up the table. Even though it might not seem important, dust can scratch the wood. Be gentle, and use a cotton towel to buff. You should generally avoid store-bought dusting sprays made with silicone because they can damage your furniture over time.
  • Don’t leave food and crumbs on the table. They might look like they won’t cause any harm, but they can stain or scratch the surface.
  • Watch for metal rings, watches, and bracelets when sitting at the table.
  • Try not to slide plates and pots on the table’s surface.
  • Use a cloth, light soap, and water to wipe it down for deep cleaning. Just don’t let the table get wet for too long.
  • Put on a cover and, if you want to be extra safe, a table pad. These coasters and placemats will help keep the table’s surface from getting oil spots, heat damage, and condensation marks.

Long-Term Care and Maintenance

Aside from the daily and weekly practices you should conduct to keep your dining table quality, there are also long-term procedures you should do to guarantee it will last long.

  • If the paint on your table starts to come off or the table starts to show signs of damage, you should get it refinished.
  • Always remove the leaves from an extension table when you’re not using it. If you leave a table out for too long, it may bend in the middle because it doesn’t have as much support when it’s not out.
  • You might want to flip it over if you use only one side of your table or if the sun only hits half of it. This method will make sure that your table ages evenly.

One great thing about a wooden table is that it can be fixed up again. Also, scratches will fade and mix over time, especially if the whole table is used similarly. For instance, have you ever considered how beautiful your grandmother’s oak table is? As you can see, wood ages beautifully if you take good care of it.

Glass-Top Dining Table

Dining tables with glass tops are also commonly used in households. If you scratch a glass-top dining table, there may not be much you can do about it. This reality is the first important thing to think about. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting one if you love the style.

Most of the time, you can only see everyday scratches at certain light and angles. But your glass table might never get scratched if you’re careful enough.

When working with jewelry or plates that slide, be careful. Placemats can help protect you. You can also use ammonia mixed with water or a natural glass cleaner to clean a table with a glass top.

Make Your Dining Table Last Long

It’s easy to take care of your dining table if you make it a habit to do it daily. You know best what works for your lifestyle and home decor, but remember that well-made, durable furniture lasts much longer than hastily made cheap furniture.

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