How to Surprise Your Wedding Guests



If you had to postpone your wedding due to the global coronavirus pandemic, you’re likely counting down until the day you can say, “I do.” However, a change of date also means you have the chance to make changes to your wedding plans if you would like.

Why not use the delay to find fun ways to surprise your wedding guests and create a special day that stands out for all the right reasons? Here are some ideas to consider.

Surprise Guests with the Wedding Itself

If you really want to surprise people, invite them to something other than a wedding! That is, pretend you’re having an engagement party, big birthday blowout, housewarming, or some other event and invite your nearest and dearest to join you. Then, when everyone arrives, pull the ultimate bait-and-switch, and hand out programs showing people what is in store for a wedding.

Tell a Story Throughout

As humans, we are naturally driven by stories. As such, a wedding engineered to tell a story through every part of the process, from the “save the date” announcements and wedding invitations to the event itself, will be more memorable. To surprise your guests, then, look for ways to tell a story.

For example, let wedding guests in on your personal relationship story by alluding to significant moments, memories, or inside jokes on your invitation, in the date you choose to wed, the venue you select, your vows, the music selections, and more. Attendees will pick up on the personalized nature of your wedding and anticipate how this might play out further as the day proceeds.



Choose an Unusual Venue 

Another way to surprise people is to choose an unusual venue. See if you can find somewhere unique to exchange wows that guests would not have been to before or would never imagine attending a wedding at. This strategy is helpful if all the typical places you would like to book are unavailable for your preferred wedding date. It also helps if you have a limited budget and must think outside the box to save money.

The options are endless. For example, how about the local church your parents wed in, the barn where you attended your first dance, the funky wine bar where you met, or the tucked-away garden where you got engaged? You could wed on the veranda of the treehouse one of you grew up dreaming in or in a museum, gallery, vineyard, train, boat, or antique store. For bonus surprise points, keep the destination a secret until the day of the event, and bus everyone there.

Set Up a Fireworks Show

One fun way to wow your guests is to set up a firework show. You might have it start as you are cutting the cake or dancing your first dance, if outside, or at the end of the event before you head off on your honeymoon. Alternatively, consider asking everyone to get together outside for a group photograph just before the show starts, so no one expects it when the first bang hits the sky.

You can buy fireworks online yourself if you are arranging most of the wedding elements, but make sure the venue allows for fireworks. You will need someone experienced to handle the fireworks, too. Alternatively, many wedding reception spots these days have packages that include fireworks, where the venue sources the products and takes care of everything for you.

Plan Some Unexpected Entertainment

Guests are excited to see you exchange vows and celebrate your love at your wedding, but they never say no to also seeing some unexpected entertainment. If you want to get people gasping in delight, why not plan a choreographed first dance or set up a flash mob for the day? You could write or sing a custom song or arrange for a live wedding painting or caricature to get completed.

Other options are hiring a comedian, magician, or circus performer to entertain the crowd or arrange for dancing instructors to help everyone get their groove on when it is time to head to the dance floor. There are all sorts of wow factors you could evaluate, depending on your interests, budget, and the atmosphere you want to create.

If none of the above elements hit the mark for you and your partner, you could create a fun afterparty or set up interactive bar facilities where guests can mix their own cocktails or try out cigars. You might provide attendees with thoughtful extras, such as flip-flops to wear and a hangover kit for the next day. Let your imagination run wild, and you are sure to come up with at least one way to surprise your guests on such a memorable day.