How to study for the Physics exam in just a week

How to study for the Physics exam in just a week

How to study for the Physics exam in just a week

Studying before one week of exams becomes crucial to scoring well in the exam. Students usually face exam pressure just a few days before the examination of how they will cover the whole subject in only 7 days. When it comes to studying subjects like Physics, it becomes more important to study with full concentration. Hence to solve your problem, here are the few tried and tested study techniques, as well as some important tips, which are given below. All those students, especially of class 11th and 12th and who want to cover their whole syllabus and hence want to know how to study for a physics exam in just one week, it is highly recommended to read the below article with full concentration without skipping any line.

It doesn’t matter what the model and language of your examination are, whether it is in Hindi language or English, or any other regional language. The following methods, tips, and techniques will surely help the students in many ways to cover their syllabus in just one week, before the exam. All the methods listed below in the article are scientifically proven, and tried, and tested by the students and helped them in achieving good marks in the examination.

Break 7 days into two parts

Since you only have 7 days in your hand, try to utilize it with high efficiency. For this, you have to make a proper plan that will give the best result in these last 7 days before the examination. Break the 1 week into two parts, of 5 days and then 2 days.

If you have a good preparation for the physics examination then you can utilize this time to thoroughly revise the syllabus a minimum of 2 times. The first five days should be used for revision with average speed together with solving important numerical. The last two days should be used for quick revision.

But if you haven’t read anything more for the examination then the first 5 days will help you to cover the main portion of the syllabus. And the remaining two days are for revision only. In the next section, you will be able to know how to cover the syllabus for physics in just 5 days.

Keep the syllabus and previous year papers on the study desk

Since the time is limited for the last time to prepare for a physics subject. So it is highly necessary to study only the important and scoring topics. Since the syllabus of physics for class 11th as well as 12th is vast. Hence you will not be able to cover all the topics in just 5 days if you do so anyhow then your study will be of almost no use. Because you cannot store all the concepts, formulae, and facts in only 5 days. Therefore it is preferable for the students to read-only important as well as scoring topics.

Now there might be a question in your mind about how you will identify which topic is important and which is not. So the answer is past 5 years’ question papers of the same subject. Put the syllabus and previous year questions on your study desk and first give some time to examine the most important topics for the exam.

Once you examine the important topics then underline that topic in the syllabus and start with reading those topics in the last 5 days. This will surely help you to cover the important topics within just 5 days before the examination. After reading 5 days now it is time to quickly revise the whole syllabus in the last two days.

Try effective Francisco Cirillo’s technique for the study

For effective study in less time, you have to know how to manage the time to have the best result. For this, you have to use each of your seconds very smartly together with full efficiency. To make your work easier, it is recommended to try the most effective technique known worldwide for time management, introduced by Francisco Cirillo. This superb Francisco’s technique of time management is known as the Pomodoro technique.

In this technique, Francisco recommended breaking down your hour into two parts of 25-25 minutes. And then relax your mind for 5-5 minutes after studying every 25 minutes. For example, you are studying for 1 hour, say 5 to 6 p.m. Then what you will do is divide this one hour into two parts: 5:00- 5:25 pm and 5:30 Р5:55 pm.  And take a rest of 5 minutes after 5:25 p.m. and 5:55 p.m. During the resting time, you can do anything like stretching, eating, exercising, watching motivational videos, reading comics, etc. of your interest. Use this effective technique for all your study hours to gain the maximum output.

Only read from your handwritten physics notes

Since the time is limited so you can not go for books or any solution books in this time frame. For now, you have to use only your handwritten notes of the physics subject. Avoid reading more than one resource and that should be only your short notes that you had prepared throughout the year for the last time preparation before the examination. If you are a student of class 11th and studying from Hindi medium then it is highly recommended to use NCERT Books for Class 11 Physics in Hindi for a better understanding of the subjects and in making notes as well.

It is scientifically proven that you can understand things better if you have written them down by your own hands as per your understanding of that subject. So when you use your short notes, you will be able to get maximum benefits and hence will be able to get good marks in the examination in less time.

Say no to social media and social gatherings

The last 7 days before the examination is crucial, especially for subjects like physics that need full concentration as well as practice. So it is the time where you have to avoid unnecessary things like social media as well as social gatherings. Because by giving time to them what you will do you are just wasting your time.

You have to use this precious time to make your future brighter and after giving the examination, no one is going to stop you from having fun. That’s why it is necessary to avoid social media like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. for only a few days.


The preparation becomes hard just before one week of examination because in this limited period the mind feels like pressure if it is not done with full planning. By following all the methods mentioned in the article above you can utilize the last one week with 100% efficiency just before your physics examination.