How To Stop Netflix From Skipping Intro?

In the modern world in which we all live, there is stress everywhere. There are very few ways to escape this stress. One of the best ways to do so is to binge-watch Netflix episodes. This can act as a great stress buster, which further can lead to our mood being uplifted and which in the long run can impact our productivity. So quite naturally, many people worldwide tend to use this option to relieve their stress.

Often it happens that they might not want to watch all the intros that Netflix offers. We all face a time crunch in our lives, and quite naturally, it feels natural that one may not want to see all the intros. Fortunately, there are ways with which one can skip the intros and enjoy binge-watching their favorite series. This feature can prove to be a huge boon for those who love to watch creative content and for whom the content is a way of energizing themselves.

The Ways To Skip Intro

Let us now directly deal with the aspects by which the intro can easily be skipped.

  1. Auto skip intro– This has to be installed first. The installation is the most basic step that needs to be taken care of from the very outset. One can then quite easily and without any sort of hassle whatsoever get the option of skip intro. But what has to be kept in mind is that one has to go to the Google browser to get the relevant extension to execute the task successfully. Manual enabling of the concerned extension is not at all necessary here, and this is what makes this thing so unique. The installation after being finished, the thing will start running by itself without any problem.

However, if a video is already being played form before, then one needs to reload it for the server to work on that properly, or else it will not work. Interestingly the recaps of the previous episodes can also be avoided by this process. Thus, overall, it is mainly beneficial for the user suffering from some sort of time crunch. The only thing which can be bothering is that there is no option for customization, and all the relevant settings will run like default policies. So it might create a kind of stagnancy for the users, but in the larger context, it is not much of a significant problem compared to the benefits it is giving without any hindrance or hassle.

  1. Netflix extended– Human beings crave control. This is a golden rule of civilization. To give that sort of control in humans’ hands, Netflix extended is there, which can greatly benefit users and give them a myriad range of control options. There is already the benefit of not having to skip the intros manually. But what makes this feature even more interesting than the previous one is that here a large number of options are available for customization.

At the end of the day, the users crave a customized experience, and since it is the users who will drive the reputation and revenue of a product, it is best to take the best care of them. There is an option of Assistant here that can offer many choices. Also, there is the potential censor section, which can open up another world of possibilities. One simply does not have to lift a finger to experience quality time because of this feature in their otherwise stressful lives.


To sum up, it can thus be concluded that one can easily skip the intros on Netflix when one is not willing to watch them by following the procedures mentioned above. This website also resolves error around issues that is created for the streaming sites like rainierland, kissanime, Netflix, hulu and many others. In my thinking, you need to know what you can do with these websites and get as much as advantages through their functionalities.