How to Stay Organized In a Hotel Room  

Hotel Room

Hotel Room

When you’re traveling with family and staying in a hotel or inn, you have a fairly limited amount of space. Hotels offer great amenities, but you do sacrifice the larger square footage you might have with a vacation rental.

How you make use of that space is critical.

You want to organize your hotel room so that you’re maximizing space, making sure everyone has what they need, and you can ensure a smooth, convenient trip. With those objectives in mind, the following are tips for organizing a hotel room and other hacks you might need to know.

Get Organized Before You Arrive

The more organized you are when you pack, the easier it’s then going to be to organize your hotel room when you arrive, without wasting valuable vacation time.

First, consider packing cubes. This way, you have a few different options for how you organize everyone’s clothes.

One way you can do it is by the person. You might have a cube or two for everyone in the family, depending on how long you’ll be gone. Another option is to organize by day. This can be a favorite option.

You can use a cube for each day and include everyone’s outfits in that particular cube. Then, you can put them in drawers in their cubes, and you don’t have to worry about making your room messy as everyone is digging through suitcases.

Once the day ends, you can use the same cube to put dirty clothes back in.

Before your trip, think about buying a clear shoe organizer that you can store personal items in. Everything goes into the organizer when you aren’t using it, like wallets, room keys, and IDs.

Every Child Should Have a Backpack

Make sure every child in your family has their own backpack. This is where they’ll keep their toys or electronics. This will also be their personal item if you’re flying.

At the end of each day, they should repack their items in their backpack and store them in your hotel room.

Bring a Folding Hamper

If you’re not going to add your dirty laundry to packing cubes, bring a collapsible hamper. You can put it in the bathroom and out of the way, and it’s a good way to keep dirty laundry separate from clean items and off the floor.

If you don’t want to bring a hamper, you can also get a plastic laundry bag from the hotel and hang it on the back of the door in the bathroom.

Bring a Power Strip

If you bring a power strip, you can make sure every charger goes onto it and nowhere else. Then you don’t have to worry about finding the chargers when you need them or when you’re packing to go. Everything stays in one location. When it’s time to go, all of the chargers will be consolidated, so you can just grab the strip.

Use a Folding Toiletry Bag

A folding toiletry bag is an excellent investment for travelers. If you ever try to use bathroom sinks in a hotel, they’re often cluttered with so many things that there’s no available space. It can be frustrating and feel chaotic.

With a folding toiletry bag, you organize everything, and the pouches are clear so you can see what’s in it. You can unfold it and hang it when you arrive, so you have a place to keep items off surfaces but easily accessible.

An alternative is to use a clear, plastic shoe holder that hangs over the door. The idea is similar.

Store Your Luggage

When traveling and staying to hotels in Nashville or any other destination, it’s important to stay organized in your hotel room and effectively store your luggage. One helpful tip is to use the luggage rack provided in the room. Not only does this keep your suitcase off the floor and avoid any potential germs or pests, but it also makes it easier for you to access your things without having to bend down constantly. Another smart organization hack is to bring along a hanging organizer or over-the-door shoe rack. These are perfect for maximizing storage space in small hotel rooms.

Hang them on the bathroom door or even on a towel rack, and instantly create compartments for toiletries, accessories, and even small clothing items like socks and underwear. If you’re staying longer in a hotel room or have multiple suitcases, consider investing in collapsible storage containers.

These can be packed flat when empty and easily expanded into sturdy bins when needed. They provide a neat way of storing items while saving space at the same time. So next time you travel to hotels in Nashville or elsewhere, use these tips to keep your luggage organized and make your hotel stay more comfortable and convenient!

Once you unpack everything, which you should do as soon as you arrive, store your luggage under the bed. If that’s not an option, you can also store it in the closet.

Ask for Extra Garbage Cans

If you’ve ever stayed in a hotel room with kids before, you likely already know how much trash you can produce. Snacks, water bottles, old tickets, maps, and other items can find their way into your hotel room. They clutter up dresser and nightstand spaces and make it tough to find what you’re looking for when you’re leaving for the day.

You also probably know that the trash cans the hotel provides you are tiny and not sufficient for the needs of a family.

Ask for extra garbage cans and liners when you check out. That way, you’ll have space to put all of your trash to keep it off the surfaces you need to access.

Put Extra Blankets Away

Many times hotel beds will come with extra blankets and pillows, which are primarily decorative. If you’re not planning to use them, fold them and put them in the top of the closet during your stay to keep them out of your way and avoid them ending up crumpled on the floor.

Use a Clothesline

You can buy an inexpensive travel clothesline that attaches to the walls of your shower with a suction cup. You can take it with you when you travel, and that will allow you to wash dirty items in the sink and then hang them to dry out of the way.

You can also use the clothesline to hang towels that are wet but don’t necessarily need to be replaced, rather than requesting new ones or leaving them on the floor.

Use Glasses in the Bathroom

Almost all hotel rooms provide you with drinking glasses, and if they’re not there when you arrive, you can request them.

This is where you can store the bathroom items you use every day or multiple times a day. You can put toothbrushes and toothpaste, and things like deodorant or facewash.

Finally, try to keep your room reasonably tidy throughout your stay. That way, when housekeeping comes, they’ll be able to focus on actually cleaning with your items out of the way, and the clutter put away. You’ll be able to come back to a fresh hotel room every afternoon or evening.