How To Shoot Photography For Virtual Staging In Real Estate

virtual tours of real estate

Virtual tours of real estate

Advertising is the engine of trade! Everyone knows this. But one of the engines of advertising is 3D photography or 3D virtual tours real estate! Virtual apartment staging is the art of showing your real estate object. Thanks to the high technical equipment and competent work of professional photographers, your services or products are in great demand. Search for 3D rendering services near me or virtual tours real estate near me and choose the one you like the most.

Today we are going to speak about the first stage of creating virtual tours real estate. Subject shooting is shooting in which small objects are photographed so that the viewer has the opportunity to virtually rotate a 3D photo 360 degrees. 3D photography allows you to view a product, product or service from all sides. The main goal of 3D subject photography is to emphasize all the advantages of the photographed object or service, to create a unique and original image.

How to prepare for shooting a virtual staging?

So, you decided to create a virtual house staging and chose a 3d rendering service or a photographer. Before starting shooting, they will definitely advise when it is better to shoot and how best to prepare the premises. In this article, we tried to collect all the recommendations that will allow you to choose the right time and prepare the premises for shooting a virtual tour and present your business qualitatively and professionally.

What you need to do before shooting virtual tours for real estate

  • remove personal belongings, bags, shoes and outerwear. These items are not related to your business and should not be in the pictures;
  • for the same reason, it is necessary to remove dishes from the tables, food if they are present;
  • hide confidential documents and personal photos;
  • remove other people’s promotional materials if you do not want them to be present on the tour;
  • clean the premises before shooting.

Shooting an object

This is the most essential and responsible part of the process, as the final outcome and view of the tour will depend on how you make photos. To take photos, you have to use a digital SLR camera with an ultra-wide-angle lens. It needs to be placed on a stable tripod with a panoramic head. For one 3D photo, you have to make from 4 to 8 precise photographs. It is unlikely to get rid of image distortions completely, try to minimize them.

To do this, use our tips:

  • install the camera in the center of the circle so that all the frames taken are in focus;
  • it is better to stitch pictures in places in the same colors, for instance, gray walls of a space will do, and think over these connection lines in advance, even at the shooting phase;
  • to hold the photocamera in space, use the level;
  • the rotation angle should be 120 degrees, according to the turn signal scale;
  • once photographing various photo series, the camera needs to be synchronized in the horizontal and vertical planes.

During the shooting of the virtual tour

  • the doors to the rooms that will be present in the virtual tour real estate must be open;
  • the doors to the rooms that will not be filmed must be closed;
  • after the start of shooting, you can not change the location of furniture, interior items, open and close doors.

The implementation of these simple recommendations will allow you to shoot in the shortest possible time and create a high-quality virtual tour.


  • shoot in the same style;
  • decide before you start shooting whether you will include light in all rooms or everything will be shot without light;
  • attach the layout. To properly “glue” panoramas into a tour, you need a layout. You can use a hand-drawn layout;
  • avoid the mess;
  • remove as many things as possible from the frame so that the panoramas have as few possessions as possible.

A virtual 3D tour can be done independently, but It is important to understand that in order to obtain a high-quality product, you need to use the appropriate content. Photos for panoramas should be ideal, so you need to understand not only the subtleties of design, but also photography. Consider using one of the best 3d rendering services as an option and trust the professionals.