How to sell your unwanted cars for cash in Queensland



Selling your car to the junker in Queensland is a very good option if you want to get rid of it, it has many advantages, having the only drawback that they offer a low price ( compared to the first offer of a sale ), later we will see in-depth the differences of selling a car to a junker and a sale.

The main reasons drivers take their vehicles to junker are:

  • That they have had an accident and the cost of the repair is very expensive, obtaining enough insurance to buy a new one.
  • That they are damaged and have no solution.
  • That they are too old and no longer in use.

We can also find salesmen who buy your damaged car, for example, a motor, and they are in charge of buying a junker engine and then selling it obtaining a succulent profit. It is a possibility that you may be able to consider, in our junker we have parts for all cars, just as we make offers in case you want to sell your car to the junker, regardless of the state it is in.

Not all junker that buy cars can do so (whole or by parts), since according to the 2017 regulations, only vehicle treatment centers authorized by the DGT can legally disassemble, buy and sell these components. We are one of the largest CATVs in Spain thanks to the trust of the vast majority of people who have passed through our facilities. The number of parts we are able to offer depends on the condition of the car and its age.

In this post we talk about:

3 Advantages of selling a car to a junker rather than sale

Do you want to know how much they pay you for your car?

They process the final cancellation of your car and receive money in exchange. It does not matter the state of it.

In the second-hand market, there are professionals who offer to buy cars at the best price like In recent years, after the growing demand in this market, these professionals have increased more. These companies whose activity is to buy used cars, ensure with their advertising a maximum appraisal, cash payment, ease of processing, and even take care of any car, in any state. 

While it is true, it is not all as real as they try to sell it in advertising.

Buying and selling have existed for a lifetime, as have junker, however, thanks to the great investment in advertising of the former they have become the first option of anyone who wants to sell their car, the largest portals offer you first online pricing where’ll find prices very good to sell your car, but then you have to make an appointment so you get the final price, and this is where we change the face:

  • You think that the price will not vary much but they will look at the car with a magnifying glass looking for defects (believe me, they will find them) and for every little scratch or strange noise they lower the offer by hundreds of euros
  • Some even bought the car habiéndote stores do not realize the change of name, reserving it for when they sell. This can cause financial loss to you having a car in your name as the payment of taxes.
  • The final price is not far from the junker offer, so you wonder if it was worth losing so much time

Aware of these problems faced by all the people who want to sell their car in Queensland, Australia, we have developed a new method to sell your car to the junker without wasting time. Once you contact us you will have these advantages:

  • The first offer that our appraisers make you are FINAL, this means that if you have communicated the real state of the car we will buy it from you without haggling. For this reason, we encourage you to tell us if your car is broken because we also buy damaged cars.
  • If your car cannot move, we mobilize a tow truck
  • We manage the cancellation of your car at the moment, providing you with the necessary documents

Being an Authorized Center for the Treatment of Vehicles by the DGT, we can receive any car that you want to sell to the junker being sure that we have deregistered your car and you will not receive any type of tax.

So, I want to sell my car to a junkyard. How do I do it?

The procedure is simple, send us a message to our WhatsApp from this link, send us photos of the interior and exterior along with the technical sheet. Remember, the more photos and of better quality, the better our appraisers will be able to value your car.

Once you have received the offer and accept it, whether you want to sell your damaged car to the junker or after an accident your car has been left as a paperweight and you want to sell your car as scrap metal to the junker, the solution is always the same. Have on hand the necessary documents to make this transaction which are:

  • Permit of circulation
  • A sheet of the vehicle
  • Owner’s DNI (or NIF if it is a company)

Common situations to sell your car to the junker

As we have described above, the most common situations to sell your car to the junker are because you have had a blow or a very serious breakdown and that your car is too old but also the option of selling your car to the junker is usually the best when we meet in any of these situations:

  • Sell ​​a car without  documentation
    • If everything you had in the car has been stolen, including the documentation, after filing a complaint you will need the owner’s ID and a model of loss with a copy of the complaint to sell your car without documentation to the junker.
  • Sell ​​a car without ITV
  • Selling a deceased’s car
    • The necessary documentation will be:
      • Copy of the deceased’s DNI
      • Photocopy of the DNAs of the people who appear in the inheritance
      • Death certificate
      • Heirs resignation model
      • Car registration certificate
      • Photocopy of the will