How to sell a House by Owner in Denver, Colorado



If you’re looking to sell a home in the Denver, Colorado area you have probably looked into various methods of selling your property. The most common methods of home selling in the United States are to sell via an agent, selling for cash, and selling by owner. Listing your home as For Sale By Owner (FSBO) can seem like a daunting process, but for a motivated seller who has done adequate research on FSBO laws in their area, it can be a great way to sell your home. In this article, we will discuss the process of selling your home by owner in Denver, Colorado.

One of the perks of selling by owner is keeping the percentage of the home sale that would traditionally go towards an agent’s fee. However, agents have a lot of knowledge and marketing tools that can help you sell your home for the best price. By selling your home by owner, you are striking out on your own, and in a competitive market like Denver, CO, if you don’t have the tools to market your home correctly you could end up selling for lower than market value. In order to avoid this, research the best platforms for advertising your home in your area. Great marketing will put your home over the top to sell quickly, and for the best price. You’ll also need to hire an experienced home photographer to put your best foot forward while advertising. Look up home photographers in the Denver, CO area and make sure you check out their portfolios before hiring them.

A great way to avoid the potential difficulties of selling by owner is to sell your home to a house buying company for cash. There are tons of home buying companies to choose from out there, but some can be sketchy, so do your research on the best companies in the area that have a proven track record, and always ask for proof of funds before selling. HomeLight’s simple sale tool for your Denver home is a perfect solution for selling your home in cash. Using the easy online tool, you can get a cash offer on your home in 48 hours. You quickly fill in information about your house, then a home consultant will chat with you, and HomeLight will market the home to its network of cash buyers. It’s no secret that selling your home to a home buying company won’t give you as high of a profit as selling by more traditional means, but the benefit is you will get your money extremely quickly, freeing you up to move to your next place.

FSBO laws vary from state to state. In Denver, CO, one important law to note when selling by owner is that Colorado is a “wet close” state. This means that all paperwork needed to close a home loan needs to be signed on the exact same day as the home loan closes. When selling by owner, there is no agent to lead you through the process, so you will need to do your own research on laws like this wet close rule. HomeLight’s article How to Sell a House by Owner in Colorado can walk you through more of the FSBO process in Denver.

Ultimately, the most important part of selling by owner in Denver, Colorado, is to do diligent research on the process. Make a plan for yourself to sell your home before you start the process so you won’t be surprised along the way!