How to Reduce the Cost of Injection Molding 

Reduce the Cost of Injection Molding 

Injection Molding 

Reducing the cost of injection molding reasonably can effectively improve the economic benefits of injection mold factory production and enhance the market competitiveness of injection molded parts. For all kinds of unnecessary waste, so as to achieve reasonable storage and use of materials, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

How to Reduce/Minimize the Injection Molding Cost?

As one of the common manufacturing methods, injection molding is often the choice of hardware production due to its high output and high efficiency. To maximize the benefits, it’s important to reduce the cost of injection molding. CNCLATHING is an experienced and professional supplier of cost-effective CNC parts, 3D printed parts, injection molding and die casting parts. Before that, we should figure out the factors that affect the price and cost of injection molding. Here are some ways to cut the cost on the process.

1. Reasonable selection of injection mold

It is a basic method to save cost to select injection mold with a reasonable design before production. Different mold design structures have different requirements for product materials, so there are good and bad. Good mold has a high yield, less waste, and low natural production cost. The more complex the structure of plastic mold, the more functions of mold, and the higher the degree of automation of mold production, the higher the cost of mold production. The accuracy and stiffness of plastic mold should be compatible with the requirements of the objective needs of the product parts and production program. The higher the accuracy and stiffness of mold, the higher the production cost of the mold. A good mold not only makes the product more excellent in appearance and quality. In product cost saving, it is particularly important. The hot runner mold has a shorter molding time. And the product has less flash and less waste of raw materials. The injection molding cost can be greatly saved.

2. Reasonable selection of injection molding machine

In the whole injection molding process, the cost of plastic raw materials is only on the one hand, on the other hand, the energy saving. In the process of plastic molding, the power consumption of injection molding machines is huge. The servo energy-saving plastic injection molding machine, in the cooling of plastic parts, has almost no power consumption, which is quite energy-saving in the whole injection molding process.

3. Adopt reasonable technology

The same product, using different production and processing technology, the required quality and quantity of raw materials are not the same. According to the characteristics of the products, on the premise of meeting the quality requirements, the production cost can be saved by using the method of improving the processing technology. In addition, to improve labor productivity, if conditions permit, the use of standard mold base; there is to improve the design level, try to shorten the mold adjustment time.

4. Material selection

Material cost accounts for about 25% – 30% of the plastic mold production cost. Therefore, we should correctly select the plastic mold materials, coordinate the plastic mold materials used with the life requirements of the plastic mold, and take various measures to give full play to the efficiency of the materials.

5. Adopt scientific and reasonable management

In the production process, scientific and reasonable management methods are adopted. Strengthen cost accounting, strengthen management in production, supply, sales, and finance. The production cost of raw materials, fuel, power, wages, manufacturing costs, administrative costs, etc., each cost into the unit product cost, reasonable standard management, strictly prohibits waste. To strengthen the operation and management, the production order should be stable, the production task should be full, and the production scale should be formed. Enterprises reduce the waste of each link, so as to achieve the purpose of reasonable storage and use of materials, saving costs and increasing benefits. This not only meets the reasonable needs of production but also reduces the occupation and waste of funds.