How To Protect Your Car From Thieves?



Car thefts have always been a serious problem for Americans. Lately, thieves have adopted a whole different approach. Auto thefts are rising, and crooks are quickly adopting a new strategy to accomplish their wrongdoings.

This strategy involves tricking locksmiths and gaining access to pricey automobile keys. In America, over a million automobiles were robbed in 2021, which indicates a 17% increase in this crime. The Dodge Charger and Jeep Cherokee, both built by Stellantis, are the most snatched vehicles in the last two years. Let’s have a look at how these criminals lure locksmiths and how they steal cars.

How Do Criminals Target Locksmiths?

Old vehicles had manual locks that were unlocked with a key. However, most modern vehicles today have automatic doors that unlock with a smart device called a key fob. Car locks can be controlled remotely using key fobs. These are wirelessly programmed to your automobile and can be reprogrammed by locksmiths if they stop functioning for whatever reason.

A key fob programmer reprograms the transponder by encoding a key fob. Thieves are now using the key fob programmers to steal expensive cars. They frequently steal these programmers from locksmiths and then conduct their crimes. Key fobs can be reprogrammed in a matter of seconds and become operational immediately. Today’s keys have specifically coded transponders that work with cars. Therefore, if the necessary signal is not received, it will not function. Key fob programmers are designed to reprogram the key fob to send the right signal to the transponder, and the door will be unlocked.

When this programmer is stolen from a locksmith, the thief can easily generate a new code and break into your keyless car. Using this strategy, committing a robbery is a fairly quick and easy operation.

Due to social media, everyone has access to guidelines on how to carry out these advanced crimes. Police organizations claim that the criminals are essentially going after the computers that program the key fobs on modern vehicles. It takes two people to complete this task. One individual will use a device to examine the targeted house and find a key fob. Once they catch the signal, they will send it to someone standing by the automobile. In this manner, they will unlock the vehicle.

One example of a key fob programmer is the Auto Pro Pad. It is a tablet that connects to the car, enabling expert locksmiths to generate new keys. This device is extremely expensive, and usually, professional locksmiths use it. Experts predict that it won’t be long before criminals start stealing these tablets from locksmiths to make new keys for almost any make and model of vehicle. A new key for some automobiles might be made in as little as five minutes.

How to Prevent Car Thieves from Stealing Your Vehicle?

Using a key fob programmer, you can take certain measures to stop thieves from stealing your vehicle. These include:

  • Install a driveway lock or a steering wheel lock to prevent your car from being stolen. Even if thieves unlock the door, they might not be able to drive your car away if they can’t bypass the steering lock.
  • Another device that can prevent a thief from interacting with your key fob is a signal-blocking pouch. If your key fob is in your wallet, your body, or your home, it will be protected from being duplicated.
  • Police advise you to report any stolen vehicle as soon as possible to increase the odds that it will be found.
  • You should also consider installing a kill switch to prevent vehicle theft. A kill switch is something that must be activated to start the vehicle. If it is not activated, a certain circuit will not be completed, and the car will never start.

Final Verdict

The automotive sector has actively adopted remote keyless entry features. However, keyless vehicles are not protected from thieves. You need to be on the lookout for thieves that take advantage of your car’s flaws and breach its protection using sophisticated equipment like key fob programmers.  A keyless vehicle can be stolen in 20-30 seconds.