How to Paraphrase Article to make it unique which helps to get rankings on google?



If your articles aren’t optimized for search engines and people, you will have difficulty ranking an article on Google nowadays.

You may have the most useful and instructive material on the internet. Still, people looking for it will not discover it because you have not optimized your content for search engines (search engine optimization).

As a result, we may conclude that you are directing a significant portion of your organic traffic to your rivals’ websites. As a result, creating SEO-friendly content through paraphrasing your article in a proper way will assist you in standing out from the crowd (i.e., your rivals) online. Paraphrasing is rewriting an article that changes synonyms and sentence structures using the same method to make sentences appear different.

By paraphrasing an article, it must be plagiarism free. The purpose of paraphrasing is to make a piece of writing look original and unique and make it more SEO-friendly content by removing plagiarism and grammatical errors, increasing organic traffic. Your article will get higher rankings on google.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization refers to enhancing content so that search engines like Google can easily find it. SEO content is any content intended to drive traffic from search engines. The art of search engine optimization is quite black, as you can see.

It is a significant task to improve your website’s position in Google since you must navigate through many ranking criteria and constantly changing Google algorithms.

If you are not a search engine optimization professional, this may be a difficult period to navigate.

Normally, we do not have the financial resources to employ one. There are various tools available to assist you in paraphrasing an article and making it more SEO-friendly to rank on Google.

Paraphrasing tools

Tools used to paraphrase an article or a piece of content are called paraphrasing tool. It is possible to paraphrase a piece of content with the help of paraphrasing tools. These are built on Artificial intelligence technology, and they spin the material to rewrite it in other terms.

It can modify a wide range of objects, including words, phrases, and sentences. Although each paraphrasing tool has its own set of features and price options, they are all intended to assist you in paraphrasing.

How to paraphrase an article?

For writers, paraphrasing may be a difficult job to do. If you wish to accomplish it by hand, it will likely be tough and time-consuming for you to do it and does not meet SEO requirements.

However, there are many paraphrasers available online that are completely free to use. These resources are available to anybody at any time.

It would help if you used a high-quality tool; a lower-ranked tool may completely demolish both your material and your efforts.

Selecting the most appropriate tool will be helpful to write a highly ranked article. With the help of this program, you may paraphrase online. They are much less complicated to use. They are simple to use and may be done with a single click.

What is the process of paraphrasing an article?

You may make use of them and get benefits of paraphraser in the following ways:

  • Several options are available there. In addition to English, you can paraphrase in other languages. Moreover, a real-time word count lets you remember how many words are paraphrased at any given point in time.
  • Copy and paste the text into the text box, or you can upload content from your device. Click the “Paraphrase Now” button, and you’re done! The content of your post has been completely paraphrased.
  • Compared to the original text, the paraphrased one is more precise and richer in the quality of content.
  • Your content will be less likely to contain plagiarism if you paraphrase it. You may also experience SEO issues if you commit plagiarism. So paraphrasing tools maintain your SEO score by removing plagiarism.

How does paraphrasing of an article help get high rankings on Google?

Paraphrasing offers several SEO advantages, and it may be beneficial when creating SEO-optimized content. Paraphrasing for SEO has several significant advantages.

  1. Increases readability score

When we talk about readability, we are not referring to the font size or spacing. The readability of your language and content is determined by how simple it is to comprehend them. The audience must be able to grasp your point without having to consult a glossary of terms.

According to Yoast, search engines are fond of content that is easy to read. If your content is simple to read, people are more likely to remain on your website. If you cannot write in plain English, you should use paraphraser tools to do this job. It will rewrite your text and replace the words with the most appropriate synonyms for them.

  1. Create unique content

Paraphrasing is a way through which you can create fresh and unique articles. Your content becomes valuable and interesting when you possess good writing skills. Paraphrasing makes it very simple to get high-quality, unique content – that’s why it’s the most straightforward way to get a high ranking on google.

If you cannot write unique, valuable, and fresh content, you can use the best paraphrasing tool for this purpose. Paraphrasing tools rewrite the content in such a good way that it does not change the whole text’s main idea but creates a different context from the original one.

  1. Improved Engagement with the Reader

When it comes to search engine rankings and SEO, the most engaging material is required.

You may include connections to the finest websites from all over the world and improve the load speed of your webpage, but people will only read the material if it is interesting.

The more interesting and engaging your material is, the more visitors you will get. It is up to you to come up with innovative and original ideas. Paraphrasing tools may help you communicate more effectively with your audience.

Always write in the active voice while writing your content. Passive voices are usually difficult to comprehend since they are complicated. Sentences written in the active voice are more direct and engaging.

Some paraphrasers are capable of transforming passive voice phrases into active voice ones. Make use of such technologies to ensure that your material is simple to comprehend.

Using a paraphrasing tool, you may easily change the style and syntax of your sentences if you have the same issue as most writers do with beginning paragraphs in the same manner they are written.

  1. Avoid plagiarized content

Paraphrasing an article involves substituting words and constructing phrases, as we know. So obviously, it will remove plagiarism from the content. Everyone is concerned about the quality of the material. People enjoy reading information that pertains to them.

Creating large amounts of content like a human is challenging, as is the possibility of plagiarism. To overcome this problem, you can use paraphrasing tools and create plagiarism-free articles and SEO-friendly content to get a high ranking on google.

  1. Check grammatical errors

Your article must not only be interesting, but it must also be devoid of grammatical errors.

Inconsistencies in spelling and grammar make it difficult to understand what is being said.

Furthermore, your website’s viewers begin to have a negative opinion about it. A service that doesn’t understand the difference between the words “your” and “you’re” will not have anyone’s credit card information.

The fact is that although Google will not punish your website for spelling errors, it will serve as a red signal to people who visit your site because of them.

You must avoid making such blunders. Proofreading may help you avoid making mistakes in your material, such as typos and spelling mistakes.

Some paraphraser additionally have the capability of identifying and correcting spelling and grammatical errors. Human proof-readers cannot compete with the speed of these automated technologies.


As above, we explained all the benefits of paraphrasing and paraphrasing tools to create SEO-friendly content to get a high ranking on Google. So, being human, while writing unique, plagiarism-free, and high-quality content, there are high chances of mistakes and errors.

That’s why paraphrasing tools help you to make an article well-written and SEO-friendly. Paraphrasing tools are very beneficial for search engine optimization. Their support is of high quality. Paraphrasing tools may be a valuable resource for both content creation and SEO tactics. The majority of them are completely free and can be obtained on the internet.

Some of them have worked on the development of Android and IOS apps for usage on mobile devices. These Android apps are very convenient to have on hand. These tools and applications are both accurate and useful for authors and SEO professionals, and other professionals. Make use of these tools, produce unique and superior content, and start ranking well on Google.