How to Optimise Your Gaming Experience



Gaming has become a huge industry over the last 10 years. There was a time when gaming meant playing the PS2 at home with friends, or the SNES (that’s for all us oldies out there). Not anymore! Gaming has taken on a whole new identity, with online gaming hugely popular, and it has even become a profession where you can earn money. Kids these days aspire to be gamers! Let’s look a little closer at home to make gaming even more enjoyable for you, from the comfort of your own home with a top-quality monitor.

Response Time

  • Hugely important when playing online games, such as first-person shooters, or team games where response time is crucial, such as the FIFA football games. It can be oh soooo frustrating not having a fast response time, as this can limit your ability to play well and compete. Aim for a gaming monitor with a response time of between 1-5ms. This enables you to not have to deal with annoying blur and ghosting issues.


  • Where would you be, and what would you do with a low-resolution monitor?! You can go for a lower quality resolution, such as 1080 (Full HD), and that offers high frame rates, but won’t burn a huge hole in your pocket. The opposite end of the spectrum would be 4K (UHD). This will give you top of the range visual quality, almost as if you are there in the game of your choice playing, running, whatever it is, it’ll feel and look blooming awesome! This will set you back a pretty penny, but if you take your gaming seriously, you wouldn’t bat and eyelid.

Adaptive Sync Technology

  • This can all be a little bit complicated, so let me break this down and simplify it for you. You want the clearest, fastest, and as little issues with your screen as possible, right? So, with G-Sync, this is designed to reduce stuttering and screen tearing. This is developed by NVIDIA (pretty big in the gaming world I’ve heard) and is compatible with NVIDIA GPUs. Also, FreeSync, which is developed by AMD (also pretty big), gives you similar benefits for AMD GPUs. I guess here the big question is – Are you NVIDIA or AMD??

Refresh Rate

  • You want smoothness from your gaming, as if it is all seamless and part of the real world. Like you’re looking through a portal to actual life, not some stutter filled rubbish that leaves you trashing your room. Choose from: –
  • 60Hz – This is the standard resolution you can expect on basic monitors. Probably worth thinking about this one, if you enjoy torturing yourself while gaming.
  • 120Hz – 144Hz – Now we are getting into the territory of most gamers, where you will get the experience of greater smoothness, and your responsiveness and visuals are much improved.
  • 240Hz – 360Hz – If you’re thinking of trying to make a career off gaming, maybe go straight here. Gives you the highest level of smoothness available, meaning you can be super serious as you go on your ten-hour benders of getting in your practice for making your millions.

Happy gaming, everyone!