How to Monitor Viber without Target Phone



Viber is one of the most used social apps. With the app, you can communicate with others through chats, calls, or video calls.

You see, there are plenty of reasons why people want to monitor somebody in the first place. Some are good, while the rest are bad. For good reasons, people usually do a little monitoring as a way to monitor someone, either a kid or an elderly.

Of course, the methods to do the monitoring are quite the same for both purposes, so the difference is only in the intention.

So, if you also want to do the same thing, we want to share a thing or two about how to monitor Viber. Hopefully, you might find it useful.

Why Would You Monitor Viber?

Well, as explained before, people do have their reasons to monitor somebody. Mostly. It’s for monitoring. The worried parents usually use app to record surroundings to make sure that their kids are always safe, especially when the parents are not around.

However, there’s also another reason why monitoring should be done. It’s the case of a family affair. Sometimes, relationships are going through hardships. A not-loyal partner is one of the possible reasons why many people are splitting up. If you notice there’s something unusual about your parent, you might need to take a look into it by using a monitoring app.

The last reason is to care for the elderly. Usually, the soft targets for so many scammers are the elderly who don’t even know what scamming is in the first place. So, to prevent them from clicking something suspicious and malicious, monitoring from afar is definitely recommended. One of the best ways you can do is to monitor Viber messages.

Viber Monitor App

In order to successfully monitor or monitor into someone’s account, you always need the proper tool to make the job done. The number of Viber monitor apps is aplenty. Finding the one that’s best in all factors should be really hard.

But as our best recommendation, we’d like to introduce you to mSpy. The app works wonderfully for app monitoring. It also has the capability to monitor other things, including:

  • Private chats and calls;
  • Contact list;
  • Social media monitoring;
  • Chatting apps monitoring.

In order to use this tool to do the Viber monitor, you need to install the app on the target phone. The installation process should be running smoothly if there’s nothing wrong midway. However, it’s about secrecy. You have to be very careful when installing it to make sure that you are not noticed by the target.

What Else Can Be Done?

Now, after you do the monitors by using the proper Viber monitoring tool, you can finally access so much information from within. However, as explained above, you always need to have the physical access to the target phone, which is one of many concerns about this app.

Another con is that you have to access the dashboard via a desktop. Although the app itself is presented in multiple formats, the desktop is the only way to view the dashboard.

After the installation has been completed, you can directly see the info on the dashboard. See all the necessary information, and capture one as an evident if you indeed find that your spouse is cheating on you.


In short, monitoring someone’s Viber account is definitely possible, and it even takes only a little effort. However, try to find the best reputable monitor apps that can give you useful features, like the mSpy, for example.