How to monitor My Wife’s Mobile Phone

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Mobile Phone

Loving one person forever might be hard for some people. For those who can’t keep their loyalty, of course, being loyal to just one person is sure really hard to do. And since many people already asking about how to monitor my wife mobile phone, it’s evident that not all people are loyal.

When your wife starts acting suspicious, it could be an indicator that she’s cheating on someone else. Although it’s not a definite sign, that’s why you need to prove it further by collecting the pieces of evidence. Knowing the truth is hurtful, but it’s better than being in the shadow for so long.

If you want to know how can i monitor into my wife’s iPhone, follow the steps below:

What is the evidence that your wife is cheating?

People do have some indications that they’re cheating. Are you suspecting your wife is actually cheating on you? Well, think about it. If your wife shows some signs of cheating, then it’s probably true.

But before confronting your wife directly about it, it’s always better to learn about what signs that someone is actually cheating. There are some, such as:

  • She starts picking her things, which may alert the husband about it;
  • She will tend to ignore your calls or messages;
  • Your sex life is worsened;
  • Her behavior towards you and the family somehow changed in an instant;
  • She often makes some schedules you don’t know about;
  • She often asks for more money for questionable things. When asked about it, she tends to ignore it and change the topic of conversation;
  • The love is gone, and you can feel it.

How to monitor the wife’s phone?

So, how to monitor my wife’s phone? There are some methods that you can do. But first, we want to recommend the easiest and the most practical way to monitor someone’s phone. It’s by using a cell phone monitoring app Android called Eyezy. This app will work in the background to capture all the data from the inside.

Once installed, it can give any information you need. Chats, calls, and social media history will be displayed right from the app. Eyezy also offers other notable features as well, such as:

  • Location tracking using GPS, which is useful to check her actual location when you’re not around;
  • Application blocking, which you can use to block certain app that looks suspicious but she often uses;
  • Keywords alerts, if she types anything included in the restricted list, you’ll be notified immediately;
  • Device access, to know about her further. If she indeed cheating on you, you may use it as a tool to collect some evidence.

And that’s the simplest way to monitor my wife’s text messages. There are other methods you can find around the internet, by Eyezy is by far the quickest and most comprehensive of them all.

What else can you do if you suspect your wife of infidelity?

After the phone of the wife monitor, you, as the husband, can also use other notable methods to check on your wife. If she still continuously acts suspiciously behind you, then there are some things that you can try, such as:

  • Hiring a professional to track her;
  • Actively following her social media accounts;
  • Tracking her location either using Eyezy or other available tools.


And that’s how to monitor on wife’s phone. As you can see, the most effective method is still related to the monitoring apps, which will work wonderfully in cases like this. Since they work in the background, the target won’t even notice its whereabouts. So, you can collect any evidence you need before actually confronting her.