How to manage class 8 ICSE Maths



Are you a class 8th ICSE student and do you think mathematics is a headache for you? Your problem is going to be solved from now onwards. For many students, mathematics is a subject that is not less than a nightmare for them but this is hundred percent wrong. It is not like a nightmare, it is a most engaging subject than others. Mathematics is a different subject from the other subjects because in the subject you can not cram anything.

Managing mathematics with all the other subjects is a little bit difficult for the students but it can be made easy by understanding the need of the subject. All you need to do to understand this subject is practice, practice, and practice. Once you learn how to study mathematics, then surely there will be no easier subject than it. To make your work easier, some tips have been shared on how to manage class 8 ICSE maths.

Let’s have a look at some shared tips and techniques to manage, understand, and hence score well in class 8 ICSE maths.

First, get familiar with the content of the class 8 ICSE maths book 

The first step for managing the class 8 ICSE maths is to get familiar with the content of the subject. For your convenience, the content of all the chapters of class 8 ICSE maths has been mentioned below. Read the name of the chapters, and also read the topics which you have to go through while studying the chapters. Doing so will help you in managing time especially for mathematics with other subjects and hence helpful in managing your overall preparation.

There are a total of 25 chapters in the book for class 8 ICSE maths. Mainly the topics that you have to read in class 8 are numbers, profit, and loss, compound interest, simple interest, algebraic identities, linear equations, shapes, geometry, graphs, and probability, etc. The name of the chapters is given below in the exact sequence as in the book.

  1. Factorization
  2. Rational Numbers
  3. Squares and Square Roots
  4. Cubes and Cube Roots
  5. Playing With Numbers
  6. Sets
  7. Percentage
  8. Profit, Loss, and Discount
  9. Simple and Compound Interest
  10. Direct and Inverse Variations
  11. Algebraic Expressions
  12. Algebraic Identities
  13. Linear Inequations
  14. Linear Equations
  15. Exponents
  16. Understanding Shapes
  17. Representing 3-D in 2-D
  18. Construction of Special Types of Quadrilateral
  19. Introduction to Graphs
  20. Line Symmetry and Reflection
  21. Circle
  22. Area of Rectilinear Figures
  23. Surface Area and Volume of Solids
  24. Data Handling
  25. Probability

Try to connect the chapters using concepts used in them

In other subjects, if you don’t understand any concept then you can memorize or cram up that concept. But in mathematics, you cannot do so because cramming will not help you anymore. So it is highly recommended to focus on understanding the concept rather than cramming it. Once you understand the concept then you have to learn how you can connect one concept to another. Because in mathematics the connection of the concept from one to another is important to know. Without knowing it you cannot solve the questions.

For example, the concept used in the profit, loss, and discount chapter will help you in solving the data handling problems. In this way, you can relate the concept of one chapter to the concept of another chapter to solve the problems.

Concentrate more on regular practising questions of different types 

Without practice, you cannot expect that you can learn mathematics. This subject mathematics is all about learning the concept and utilizing the concept in the problem in different ways. It is very important to know how you can utilize the concept and formulae in the questions. In doing so the one thing you need to do is practice regularly. You have to do practice regularly otherwise you will not be able to have the command of mathematics.

So it is strongly recommended to work on practising questions of different types regularly with full concentration. You should also focus on different types of questions because practising the same type of questions will not help you to learn mathematics.

Take help of solution books

Since you are a student then it is obvious that you will surely have difficulties in solving different problems given in the book. To overcome this problem what you can do is, take help from solution books. There are several solution books available for class 8 ICSE maths. But you must choose the best solution book to get the best result.

One of the most popular books for class 8 ICSE maths is from Selina publisher. You can access the Concise Maths ICSE Class 8 Selina Solutions by clicking on the link. You should also take help from your school mathematics teachers as well as your tuition teacher. They will provide you with the best and the easy solutions for the questions.

Be consistent with the maths and make it your best friend

To manage something and to learn something it is most important to be consistent. Mathematics is a subject that you will never understand and learn a night or in a day, you have to manage it regularly with other subjects. Consistency and hard work can beat failure and will help to achieve success. So if you are not good at mathematics and also facing issues in managing it then you have to do only one thing, that is practising it with consistency.

Also, treat this subject mathematics as you treat your friends. Have a friendly nature with it, do not feel it like a burden. Have you ever thought about why you understand your friends very well because you spend quality time with them? The exact thing you have to do with mathematics, you have to give a dedicated quality time to practice and to learn mathematics daily. Just do it for a few days and you will see the magic within you.


Learning, managing, and understanding the concept of mathematics especially for class 8 ICSE students is very easy if they read it with full concentration and maintain consistency. Take help from teachers at your school and your elders at your home, and also take help from best solution books to understand the concepts and to solve the problems. All these tips and techniques will be helpful in managing and understanding mathematics for sure.