How To Make Your Factory Safer To Improve Accident Statistics



Someone could seriously hurt themselves by tripping inside a factory full of heavy machinery. It’s a dangerous work environment because it’s loud and hot, and the work being carried out is always a little physical.

Luckily, there are tricks you can use to stop employees from hurting themselves. Here are a few things you can put in place to ensure stats improve immediately. It could save you from massive lawsuits in the future.

  1. Use Spill Containment Pallets

If you have many drums sitting around on the floor, they’ll likely begin to leak or spill at some point. It’s a nuisance if you don’t stop it straight away because employees could slip on the spillage and break something.

Spill containment pallets will ensure nothing like that ever happens. If you know drums won’t spill or leak unless sabotaged, you can put them to the back of your mind. It’s well worth the money you’ll pay for them.

  1. Keep Spill Kits In A Cupboard

It’s not easy dealing with massive spills in the middle of your workplace. How long do you think it will take employees to clean up? Think hours versus minutes if you don’t have spill kits ready to be deployed.

Universal spill kits let you soak up all sorts of dangerous chemicals in minutes. Just make sure you dispose of the toxic waste ethically. Less time cleaning up equals more time being productive, so they’ll save you money.

  1. Store Chemicals In Dry Areas

Factories should always ensure they’re storing dangerous chemicals safely, which involves keeping them somewhere with a roof. A little rain won’t destroy your chemicals, but it will make your life more difficult.

It takes much longer to clean up a spillage once it’s mixed with normal water, so the spillage area will cover a larger area. You’ll find a good way to store drums, even if you only have space outside.

  1. Installing Secure Shelving

If you plan on putting dangerous chemicals on shelves, you must install secure ones, especially if the drums are heavy. You don’t want shelves to fall because it will cause untold damage.

Instead of one little barrel falling over, there might be dozens lying on the floor. Shelves should be rock solid before anything goes on them, and put a strap on the front to stop anything from sneaking forwards.

  1. Store Chemicals At Eye Level

Eye level should be the maximum height you store chemicals in the factory. In a perfect world, you could lay everything neatly on the floor. It will only work in places with lots of space on the factory floors.

You’ll probably need to store chemicals on top of each other, so make sure nothing goes above eye level. If the unfortunate were ever to happen, at least the dangerous chemicals wouldn’t blind any employees.

It Should Prevent Silly Accidents

The tips we’ve touched on today will prevent silly accidents in your factory, so fewer employees should end up injured. It will boost morale if people feel like they’re walking into a safer work environment.