How To Make Sweetened Whipped Cream Without Using Sugar

How To Make Sweetened Whipped Cream Without Using Sugar

How To Make Sweetened Whipped Cream Without Using Sugar

Make perfect Sugar-free Whipped Cream!  Tastes and looks just like the real thing!

Make tasty Sugar-free Sweetened Whipped Cream with only sweetener and cream. By using and a whipped cream dispenser with cream chargers you can make perfect whipped cream quickly every time without any of the manual work and no chance of over or under whipping the cream! Whipped cream chargers are cheap to buy and very convenient to use

Why make sugar free whipped cream?

This recipe for sugar-free sweetened whipped cream tastes and looks just like the real thing, and you can control the sweetness!

Did you know that thickened cream, which is what you use for making whipped cream has no sugar? So if you are on a low or no sugar diet you can still eat whipped cream. Whipping cream can also be better for your help if it helps you with portion control (whipped cream is bulkier & less dense than unwhipped cream).  

Of course, make whipped cream and use it for a dessert it needs to be sweet..

The sugar substitute I used was Stevia.

How to make Sugar-free Whipped Cream

Add one cup of heavy whipping cream to a whipped cream dispenser.

Add eight teaspoons of Stevia.

Put the head of the whipped cream dispenser on give it a shake. 

Add the cream charger bulb gas to the whipped cream sidpenser.

Turn the whipped cream dispenser so that its nozzle is facing down, press the trigger and out comes perfect sweet sugar-free whipped cream. 

Adding flavour to your sugar-free sweetened whipped cream.

Whipped cream already has a nice taste and with the artificial sweetener it will also have a nice sweet taste but you can also add more taste if you like. 

You can also add flavours such as vanilla or strawberry etc.. to your cream before you whip it to add and extra dimension to the taste. 

Keeping whipped cream fresh

You can keep your whipped cream fresh by keeping it in the refrigerator. Make sure that you follow the used by or best before date on the cream that you used. 

Some people find that their whipped cream flops if they store it for a day or more the peaks become rounded and mushy. If you are planning to store the whipped cream for a few days (e.g. in or on a cake) you can always add a small amount of gelatine to the cream before you whip it. The gelatin will help the cream hold its shape and keep for longer.

If you are using a whipped cream dispenser with cream chargers gas as recommended by this recipe then you can always whip the cream when you needed it instead of storing it whipped. The cream in a whipped cream dispenser will store in the refrigerator just fine (keeping in mind the used by or best by date of the cream), then you can just dispense the cream when you needed. This is why so many commercial kitchens, bars, cafes and coffee shope use whipped cream dispensers, it just makes it so easy to make perfect fluffy whipped cream whenever you needed it.