How to Make Mobile Apps Without Coding

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

In the early years of mobile apps, every app required a development team with coders and graphic designers. Things have changed dramatically since then. Today you can DIY a high-end app for your business using a no-code app builder and save a lot of money without sacrificing the quality of the user experience. In this quick guide, you will learn how to create a decent app for iOS and Android without any app development knowledge at all.

Choose an App Builder

The market is overflowing with seemingly similar no-code app-building solutions, but you need to read the fine print to see the difference in features, specializations, and pricing. For example, lets you create cross-platform apps with all kinds of tools, content, ads, and e-commerce features for free! You need to choose a platform that provides all the capabilities needed for your app and offers a reasonable pricing plan that won’t overwhelm your company budget.

Five Steps to a Perfect App

Now that you know what app building platform works best for your case, follow these steps to create a worthy user experience:

1. Step 1 – Create a concept

At this stage, you need to thoroughly plan which functions and content your app has to deliver and how it has to look. The best solution is to draw a raw mockup of your app to develop the app logic and decide on its appearance.

2. Step 2 – Select a template

Even if your app doesn’t seem to have analogs, a template can give you a head start by setting up the basic sections of your future app. Another great advantage of using templates is that they include the most popular features used by the leading businesses in your niche. For example, an app for a hair salon simplifies the booking process and includes a portfolio, while a music app template comes with a streaming module and controls. You can delete everything you don’t need from a template and add unique elements to make it stand out.

3. Step 3 – Do the branding

Every brand has a color palette, logo, and fonts. All of these must be represented in your app to create a strong visual connection with your brand website and advertisements. You can also customize your app with photos and stylish drawings to make it even more recognizable. The final element at this stage is the creation of the app icon. It can simply be the logo of your company or a creatively stylized image. First of all, it must be instantly recognizable and different from competitors.

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4. Step 4 – Create content

Using a no-code app builder, you can fill your app with custom images, buttons, descriptions, videos, and animations.

5. Step 5 – Publish your app

Once the app is finished, all you need to do is add it to app store listings. To do it, you need to create Apple and Google developer accounts, provide all the required information about the app, and wait until your app is verified and published.

No Code, No Problem

Creating a mobile app from the ground one is much simpler than you might have thought. Choose the no-code app development platform that suits your needs and budget the best, and stand out in your niche!