How to make a song



Many students who have never learned to arrange music or those who have just started to learn music will have this question. How do you make a song when you write a song by yourself? So today we will reveal the secret music production process for everyone. If you want to know more about making songs, you can search “how to make a song” on youtube and use flvto youtube to mp3 converter to download it.

First of all, when we get the first-hand song melody, the first step is to harmonize the melody. Popularly speaking, harmony is the continuous progression of chords. A complete musical composition cannot have only a single melody, and there are other parts that accompany the melody, which complement each other. The arrangement of harmony enriches the monotony of a single voice, and the song becomes fuller.

Next, we can start orchestration in the host software on the computer. In fact, it is to match the main melody and the harmony of the main melody with corresponding instruments. We know that the common instruments of a popular song are piano, guitar, bass, drums, etc., so the orchestration is also very important.

After we have done all the orchestration, it’s time to record. This means that you can find a singer to start recording, or you can actually record some required instruments.

After the recording is finished, the next thing we need to do is to mix the sound. To put it plainly, mixing is to make the voice more three-dimensional, more layered, and more balanced. If you compare the arrangement to the stir-fry, then the mixing is the final stage, reprocessing a messy dish to make it look more beautiful. After arranging the music, the music may sound chaotic. The mixing needs to find the appropriate position of each instrument to make the whole music sound more spacious and cleaner; at the same time, find the best of each instrument Frequency, cut off the unpleasant frequencies; at the same time, when mixing the vocals, you must also find the best vocal frequencies to make the vocals and accompaniment more integrated. At the same time, some arrangers may require a certain vocal Special processing (such as radio sound), so we can see that almost all music works released by singers are not mixed.

Mastering is the last step in music production. The previous mixing is actually processing the timbre of each track, and then the mixer outputs all the instruments into an audio file, and the mastering engineer has to do It’s to process the entire music, mastering is still necessary, because you have to know that the mastering engineer is your last professional treatment in the music market, because the mixer may still have insufficient processing At this time, the mastering engineer can perform supplementary processing very well. He will process the music from the perspective of playback (speakers, in the car, etc.) to keep the sound quality as perfect as possible. The experienced mastering engineer will pass EQ and compression, Make the whole work sound more shiny and plump. Mastering is not only limited to music. Many film and television works and advertising works require mastering to achieve satisfactory results.

This is the steps to make a song