How To Make A Highschool Resume

Highschool Resume

Highschool Resume

Applying for a scholarship? Trying to get into that dream school? A powerful resume might be the last step you need to reach your goal. So, how do you make a highschool resume? In general, follow these steps.

  • Use a professional template with an easy-to-read layout
  • Include your GPAs
  • Demonstrate your personality with extracurricular activities
  • Showcase your skills

Keep in mind that employment history is less important in a highschool resume. Your focus should be proving your potential with what you’ve learned so far.

Use A Free Resume Maker

If you’re unsure about what template to use, then the best approach is to use an online resume builder. HR professionals approve these free apps. Therefore, they’re naturally suitable for the admission office too.

Also, most schools and internships now use an online submission system. If you didn’t format your resume right, your application could be lost in the data ocean. On the other hand, resume builders make sure your resume is compatible with most online platforms.

Include Your GPA

Be sure to have your GPA presented somewhere visible. When it comes to admission, GPA says a lot more than everything else. After all, studying should be a highschool student’s top priority.

In addition to your GPA, you can also consider including the following items:

  • A list of courses you’ve taken and passed with outstanding grades
  • Awards and recognitions, such as Dean’s Scroll and Honor Student

In other words, make academia the primary section of your resume, especially if you are using it to apply for colleges or scholarships.

Focus on Extracurricular Activities

Make up for what you don’t have with what you’ve got. If you lack employment experience, try to steer your focus towards volunteering and other extracurriculars.

Useful items to include include

  • Competitions and contests
  • Volunteer
  • Entrepreneurship experience
  • Publications and other creative projects

It’s also a good idea to build a portfolio of your work if you’re going down the creative path. The sooner you start an online portfolio, the more you will have to show in the future. Having a portfolio tells others that you’re serious about your dream, as well.

List Your Skills

Don’t worry about skill tests and certifications. So long you are confident with what you know, put it down as a skill.

Typically, skills are either listed at the bottom of your resume or placed in a side column under your contact information and a summary. Make sure you categorize your skills for more clarity.

Keep It Within One Page

No matter how much you want to say about yourself, try to keep your resume within one page. Multi-page resumes aren’t the most friendly for online application systems.

Also, recruiters and admission officers are busy. Therefore, chances are they only scan through the application for crucial information. So the shorter your resume, the easier for them to find what they need to know about you.

Final Thoughts

Do you know how to make a highschool resume now? We sure hope so. But don’t worry if you are a bit unsure. You can always use a free resume builder to make sure your resume looks professional.

Besides the tips we’ve mentioned above, consider creating a reference list or a cover letter. These documents increase your credibility and quality as an applicant significantly.