How to make a free video invitation

How to make a free video invitation

How to make a free video invitation

In the very first place, why at all do you need to make a video invitation? Well, some people make a great video story for sharing important moments with friends and family. Others make it for evoking emotions.

This goes special for businesses and brands using video invitations to convey strong emotions to resonate with the audiences. In the same context, businesses make video invitations for improving viewer or target audience engagement.

People have higher chances of engaging, sharing, and commenting on video content. Creating a free video invitation for a wedding, birthday, party, product launch, or brand marketing event will take just 5 minutes with the right video invitation maker.

There’s video maker for you, where you can check out some of the most amazing templates and amalgamate music, videos, and pictures of your own to come up with a great video invitation. Before diving into knowing the steps for making a free video invitation, let’s understand why video invitations are a great idea.

Why Are Video Invitations Beneficial? (In the context of Businesses)

So, you are arranging a presentation of your product or service or saying you want prospective clients or business heads to be there for the event. Naturally, you would have to create the best of invitations.

Your invitations will be the opening act for the entire show. They will help the invitees in learning what they can expect from the presentation and how they must react to the same. Hence, you have all reasons to make your invites special. There can be nothing more original than opting for a video invitation.

For sure, your show or presentation will remain the talk of the town for several months, if not years. You can transform ordinary and plain invitations into tempting video sensations by using the right video invitation maker.

Steps on Making Free Video Invitations

Here, you will be going through the steps to make a free video invitation, you get templates that you need to click through and customize. Next, you can add your video clips, pictures, sound, text, font, and colors to make them your own.

Step 1: Choose Your Videos and Pictures

Here be very careful. That’s because you will have to pick videos and pictures that reflect your event’s theme and set the right tone for the same. In case you do not have any pictures of your own, you can go through the media library of your video invitation maker.

The stock image libraries available with these tools offer video clips and photos that will help you create amazing video invitations. If you are going for your own videos and images, make sure to find moments that make the story of your brand exclusive. It can be anything that represents your business.

Step 2: Put Everything in Place

Once you are done with the process of choosing the best pictures and videos, it is time for you to go about editing. There’s absolutely no need to worry as the process is much easier than you might have ever thought of.

The majority of the video invitation-making tools available online also serve as great video editing software. But make sure you choose the simplest and the most beginner-friendly editing tool.

Step 3: Use Text for Providing the Details of the Event

Always try starting simple like “Join us for celebrating” or “You are invited.” Then follow up with the title of the event or the reason for this gathering. Next, fill in all the important details.

Here the key ingredients are the location, date, and time of the event.

Step 4: Close the Invitation

Try closing the invitation in style and put good thought into it. You can even give a hilarious ending to your invitation by including a funny video or photo. It can be anything that will get a smile on the faces of the invitees.

Is Video Invitation a Great Idea?

Of course, it is. It’s not just a great idea but a brilliant one. Going for video invitations means you can do something more than just inviting the guests. This will be a little movie that will allow you to share the details of your products and services with every prospect.

It will even offer a sneak-peek into everything that will take place at the event. Your guests will be learning everything about you as a company and your products and services. And for sure, every individual getting these invites will be truly impressed!

Videos are highly expressive. They are much more than paper invites. There are different ways in which you can make your video invitation meaningful and interesting. For example, you can go for an exclusive location or include a celebrity in the invites.

Another reason why free video invitations are a cool idea is that they stay forever. They are the perfect digital artifacts that will help you revisit the unique occasion of introducing your company’s products and services years later.

Lastly, you won’t agree more that shooting a video, picking the right clips, and carrying out the editing procedure are a lot more fun activities than scripting invitations by hand.

Put in Less Time and Less Money

Talking of numbers, you would probably like to spend less money and less time creating video invitations instead of spending a fortune on the same thing. Creating a video invitation will not cost you anything.

Firstly, because the video invitation making tools are available for free and secondly because you have your very own, ready-to-use videos and photos, using video invitation-making tool for creating one will also not take much time.


The best thing about video invitations is that they are eco-friendly. They are the greenest way of inviting people and showcasing your products and services. Outstanding invitations are just a click away from you. So, follow the steps above and make an excellent video-invitation.