How to make a compelling product video

How to make a compelling product video

How to make a compelling product video

That ubiquitous video you make for either a product or service can be a make or a break moment for your customers. Research has proved that including a video in your website or blog could increase conversions by even 80% -what an incredible strategy! For a video to achieve such conversion rates, it must be inspiring, informative and should inspire viewers to want to hear more of what you’re offering.

Following are some tips that will help you develop product videos that compel

Think of the context

Do not just show off how great your product is, but prove to your customers how it fits into their needs, why they should buy it and not others. It’s about the customers’ lives, and the product should inspire them and assure them that it will be the ultimate solution.

Seek to answer the following questions in your production;

What problem does your product seek to solve?

How will it enrich customers’ lives?

Does it inspire the customer to take any action?

Will their overall happiness increase when they buy the product?

With such questions in mind, you’ll deliver the right video that will appeal to many and convert great numbers. It’s about the customer, the consumer, and the benefits they get by watching your product video.

Show and tell

You may have a high-concept product trailer that’s so fancy and artistic, but if the viewers don’t understand what you’re selling at the end of the video, then they may not be stirred to buy from you. Just assume you’re dealing with “kids in Grade 2” show in your product video production and tell off your product in the simplest way, using the simplest language possible.

Check below some types of product videos that the “big boys” and the small e-commerce businesses use.

Demo: This is simply a ‘demonstration’- a short video of someone using the product.

Explainer: That’s a video that shows you how a product works, sharing the story behind your brand through audio and text. The explainer video, when done well, is what convinces the customer to buy.

Tutorial: This is an instructive sort of video giving step-by-step instructions. Tutorials are helpful to those that have purchased your product and need to know how to use it. Remember, a customer will want to buy a product if they’re sure there’s a tutorial to guide them in using the product.

Share your story and let the customers tell it.

When people are looking at your product video, they’re not just after the specs of the product but the person behind it and the users. The specs are important and should be part of your description, but they are not everything. Today’s customers are savvy and thus prefer companies on a mission and not just a glossy product. Consumerism for consumerism sake days are long gone. Therefore, use the demo or product video to explain why your business exists.

When doing a product video, the viewer should know how you’re partnering with social justice initiatives, whether you donate to community initiatives and such. That will prove to them you’re not just any other gullible marketer. Plan your work, get the content ready and communicate your product in the best way possible. Remember, the attention span of most online users is the first five seconds- make sure you send the message within that span.