How To Maintain and Regulate Your Sexual Health in your 60’s and 70’s



Your sexual health is an important aspect of your physical health and wellbeing that you may well be subconsciously neglecting, particularly if you are over sixty-five.

Continue reading to discover the main changes for both genders regarding sexual health as you get older and how best to combat such changes.

Sexuality Changes With Age

The importance of intimacy and general sexual health by no means diminishes in any way as you get older and, if anything, recent studies have discovered that generally, throughout the country and internationally, seniors over the age of 65 are becoming increasingly sexually active and interested in maintaining their sexual health.

Normally, as most men get older, even though their sexual desire and general function are maintained, their testosterone levels gradually decline. A decrease in testosterone in men can have various impacts on sexual function, which can include a difficulty in producing and/or maintaining an erection, shorter orgasms and a longer recovery time.

For women, once they have experienced the difficulty and complexity of the menopause, their bodies generally contain notably less estrogen, which subsequently results in several perfectly common and typical symptoms. These symptoms can include a general lack of energy, marked changes in mood, a decrease in sexual responsibility and genital dryness.

Reclaim Your Intimacy

If for example, you are suffering an inability to maintain an erection, it could be due to a range of health problems, but the most common is a lack of testosterone. If this is an issue you are facing, it is important to voice any concerns that you have, either with a partner or a professional ED Clinic Seal Beach (or closer to where you live) that specialises in problems you might be facing when getting intimate. However, even for the most confident of people, regardless of age or gender, openly discussing sexual health matters and intimacy issues is never an overly comfortable conversation to have, even when discussing such matters with a loved one or your medical doctor.

Effective online male and female sexual dysfunction therapy treatment options are the ideal solution to this, as you and you alone are responsible for your own treatment options and the progress of your course, all in the privacy of your own home. If this sounds like the solution for you, it is advisable to ensure you register with a professional, experienced and discreet treatment provider such as Youthful MD.

Maintaining A Healthy and Enjoyable Sex Life

Your medical doctor or general healthcare provider should be the first port of call if you are concerned about any area of your sexual health and they should be able to work out if any underlying, hidden conditions or issues are impacting your desire and/or your ability to have sex.

Another good starting point when wanting to enhance the sexual health of your relationship is to make a few changes, however subtle. Even a small thing like booking a hotel room for the weekend and having a private, romantic night away with your partner could be all it takes to improve your sex life.

Like any other aspect of your physical health and wellbeing, standard self-care practices should also be considered, such as the amount of exercise you engage in every day and how much alcohol you consume. If you are a smoker, it is worth knowing that smoking has been scientifically proven to reduce your libido.