How to Maintain a Hoverboard



Hoverboards or self-balancing scooters as they are often referred to have been in use around the world since their invention in 2013 but only really coming on to the scene in 2014. Their main component is two motorized wheels that propel the user who is standing on a pair of articulated pads which determine the direction the user wants to go. By leaning into the pads with your feet you can change the direction of the hoverboard either forward, backward, left, and right. They do take a little bit of practice to get yourself orientated with but once you get the hang of it it is as simple as riding a bike.

Hoverboards are primarily used outside for fun and commuting which does allow some wear and tear to take place but with some simple maintenance and care, they can last a long time. After the initial design proved to be not perfect resulting in battery issues American companies started to rethink the design and manufacturing process which had previously begun in China. Here are some useful advice and tips on maintaining your hoverboard and for more information about fixing a hoverboard.

How to Store your Hoverboard to Prevent Damage 

Keeping your hoverboard in good condition is the same as any other investment that you make, ranging from under $200 to $800 for a good hoverboard. Taking good care is essential and storing it correctly is a great way to start. Keeping your hoverboard dry, dust-free, and out of cold weather by using a cover that is usually provided in the package when you buy your board. Keeping it in a closet or garage away from the elements will mean it lasts longer than simply leaving it in the garden and the elements.

After all, hoverboards are electrical items the same as anything else you may have within the house, and taking care of them will not just save money on unnecessary repairs but also any potential fire hazards, it has been reported that batteries from less reputable manufacturers have resulted in fire damage not only to hoverboard but also property.

Cleaning Your Hoverboard is Essential Maintenance

Hoverboards like any product that has moving parts need to be regularly cleaned to prevent dirt and dust from accumulating and causing mechanical failure which can prove expensive and could also have been prevented. With many new models of hoverboards, they are designed to be taken on the grass and even dirt trails. Ensure after use that when you return home to leave it unplugged and powered off before you begin cleaning.

Applying a soft damp cloth to clean the exterior of the hoverboard, warm water works best. For the wheels and mechanics to avoid any harsh chemical cleaning products, a normal household detergent will be sufficient. Using an old toothbrush or something similar will help you remove the dirt from the wheel area especially. Tire cleaners are also available and choosing the best one is easily researched either by checking with the manufacturer or the store that sold you the hoverboard.

Keeping the Hoverboard Charged Will Save You Money 

The same with all electronic devices it is best not to allow the battery to run one hundred out of power. Drones, mobile devices, and even torches should always have some life remaining in them. Leaving a battery uncharged is not only healthy for the battery but also is a massive inconvenience when you want to use it, ideally maintaining at least an 80 percent charge at all times when not in use.

Given that most hoverboard batteries take between 1.5 hours and 3 hours to charge depending of course on the model that you own it is advisable once you have cleaned the hoverboard after use to fully recharge the battery. You will be notified when using it usually by a flashing light to warn you of low battery status but this can generally be avoided. Hoverboard batteries can be expensive to replace, taking good care of them is essential.

A Regular Service is a Must

The majority of sales are performed with little or no knowledge of the product and after-sale service can be frustrating. Check with the documents you received for an authorized and certified service center near your location and if you feel something wrong or even once every year to have a full service of your hoverboard to prevent serious damage.

Hoverboards are just the same as any moving vehicle and need to be regularly checked, this is especially true if you use them for off-road purposes where friction and dirt can damage parts that you may not be able to see. It is also recommended that you don’t try to fix and replace parts yourself as this may result in voiding your guarantee that was given when you purchased it.


Hoverboards are great fun and are quickly catching on with the consumer public, it is hard not to go to a park or city and see somebody using them for commuting to and from work. Maintaining it like any other machine is vital to the lifespan of your board and being aware of cleaning after use and regular servicing just like any automobile is essential to the health of the board. And potentially yourself, mechanical failures when you use it could cause an accident to you or a passerby.