How To Lose Weight Fast Naturally And Permanently At Home 

Natural exercise

Natural exercise

The best way to lose weight at home, and keep it off in the most natural way, is to completely change the way you think about exercise and food. The way you think about food is the relationship that you have had with it all your life, or a trauma that has happened that has made food your trigger.

When you want to lose weight and keeping and maintaining that is the more difficult part unless you change your mindset. Relationships with food and exercise can be complicated, so the sooner the bad habits are broken the better and healthier you will become.

Some apps and scales can help you to watch, and keep track of not just your weight, but your heart rate, calorie intake.

Tracking how your body is improving, in general, is probably more helpful than just looking at your weight. Investing in something that can see all of your progress being made for instance a Fittrack Dara can give you your bmi details.

Understand your weight loss

As you exercise and get healthier, this does not mean that automatically you will lose weight. After the first few weeks of diet and exercise, fat will start to turn into muscle, and your body will change shape rather than shed fat.

People tend to forget that it is better to get healthier and lose weight in a slow way than it is to lose lots of weight quickly. The reason that steady weight loss normally stays off, is because it is not done through fashion fad diets. Opting to eat at home rather than eating out is a much healthier way to get in shape, losing weight permanently is done through lifestyle choices.

Technology and how it can help

The apps and technology that are available today are literally everywhere, in our smartphones, watches,tablets and laptops, the access that is available to everyone is plentiful. There are ways to track your heart rate, how many steps you’re walking daily, and how many calories are in your meal. The list of what our technology can do is endless.

There are apps for literally everything to help you with your progress. Food diaries that you can have at the touch of a button. There are simple but great things on our smartphone that can help like your note page to write a shopping list as and when you run out of things indoors. The quicker you get in the habit of writing down what healthy food you run out of, the less you will snack on junk.

Set aside time and limit your intake

Setting aside time for exercise is crucial, it isn’t just your food consumption that is important in getting to a healthy weight, it is the amount of exercise that you partake in. You don’t even have to attend a gym, placing your laptop on or accessing your smart tv, or putting on a good workout program. Everything can be done in the comfort of your home, these are all benefits of having technology today.

Cutting out sugary drinks and alcohol is another way to lose weight. If you drink lots of soda or high in sugar alcohol like wine, this will give you a belly! If you like to do either of these things then limit them to two glasses at the weekend or as a treat. This will cut out calories that you did not even realize you were consuming.

Turn bad habits into good habits

When you go out for a meal and have a sneaky unhealthy dinner, you may not even realize that the drink you have had is worse than the food you ate. So it is just as important to look at what beverage you order too.

Swapping your morning and evening car journey to work, is another way you can get moving without paying for a gym membership. If this is not possible for the whole week maybe just aim for one day per week. Not having to pay on gm membership by using today’s technology, will save you a massive amount of money each month.


The only way you are going to be able to lose and maintain the natural weight loss is by changing the way you think. It may seem extreme, but with a different attitude to how you see food and having apps and technology that can help you with keeping up your exercise routine, your mind will adjust to the new routine.

Keeping your fridge and cupboards stocked with good healthy foods is the only way to stop snacking on junk as a quick fix. Banning these from the house altogether is an even better idea! Just because you do not have these in the house does not mean you can never eat candy or a bag of popcorn again, it just means you have to limit yourself to a treat night once a week.

Having a treat night does not entail shoving every bad thing that used to be in your diet, into your mouth in one night! It means pick sensibly a snack and a drink that you can indulge in for the evening, these still need to be limited. Waking up with a stinking hangover will only make you want to fill up on junk food to help absorb it.