How To Know The Current Prices Of Turnip In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

To know the current purchase price of the turnips without necessarily selling them, simply select the dialogue option “The price of turnips” interacting either with Timmy or Tommy: if the price is relatively high, then you can sell the turnips exactly how do you sell any other Animal Crossing item from them.

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons

How to know the current price of turnips?

In order to maximize your chances of finding a good turnip price and getting a solid profit from our Sunday investment, it is worth checking the prices at Nook’s shop twice a day throughout the week: once during the morning, by noon, and once immediately after, in the afternoon by the closing time of the shop.

Best time to sell turnips at Nook’s shop

As it may seem obvious, in order to make a profit, it is essential to sell the Turnips at a higher price than the purchase price, which means that, if we bought the Turnips at a price of 100 Animal Crossing bells on Sunday morning, then we will have to wait. a sale price higher than 100 bells.

However, there is always a risk factor to take into consideration: if in fact, on the one hand, it is certain to always find a sale price higher than the purchase price, it is not at all obvious that that price is the maximum achievable during the week.

To give a practical example, if during the week we encounter a purchase price from the Nook brothers equal to 150 bells, we can either choose to resell all our turnip, or wait to be able to get a higher price.

Based on the information obtained from the data miners, directly from the game code, it is known that the maximum purchase price at Nook’s shop is 660 bells, which can lead to the yield of several million bells (also based on how many turnip resell), while the minimum price is 9 bells, which clearly leads to a huge loss of money.

Beware of Those Who Use Tricks and Offer You Turnips At Higher Prices Than The Maximum 

In case you want to avoid using cheats or get more money by taking advantage of the changes to the game, pay attention to those who offer you online purchase prices higher than the maximum amount: with absolute certainty, we can guarantee you that they will be making use of the ACNH tricks.

Also from the code of the game software, it was observed that the purchase prices of the turnips at the Nook shop, follow very precise curves, therefore, it is not really in the dark in evaluating whether or not to sell the purchased turnips.

Common price curves for turnips

By plotting your own turnip prices every day, remembering that the price changes twice a day except on Sundays, it is possible to identify the cost curve that the brothers Timmy and Tommy are following, in order to try to maximize the earning of bells.

Similar to past games in the Animal Crossing series, the Turnip market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons also features four different possible general patterns that our island turnip prices can follow throughout the week.

In following these models it is necessary to take into consideration not only how the purchase prices of the brothers Timmy and Tommy vary, but also the price at which Daisy Mae sells the turnips on our island on Sunday morning: if, therefore, we decide to buy the turnips on the island. ‘island of some of our friends, however, we keep note of the price proposed by Daisy Mae during that week on our island.