How to keep hair healthy?

How to keep hair healthy

How to keep hair healthy

We encounter many pieces of advice and tips when it comes to taking care of our hair. Mother’s give advice to regularly oil the hair whereas salons recommend proper conditioning of hair through the spa, while wig sellers recommend the use of braided wigs to cover your natural hair while treating your natural hair. By following these tips, you can maintain the health, shine, and smoothness of your hair.

Maintain a healthy diet

The first important thing you should consider is your diet. There are many essential proteins and vitamins in different food items which helps in keeping the hair healthy. One of the important elements is iron. It helps the hair cells to grow faster. Thus, any deficiency in such nutrients and proteins directly affects the health of hair. It is recommended to eat iron-rich foods like pumpkin seeds, leafy vegetables, fish, cereals and soya beans. Also, protein-rich food helps to keep your hair strong. Food items that are rich in protein include cheese, soy, milk, peas, quinoa, lentils, etc.  thus, to keep your hair healthy and strong you must eat iron-rich and protein-rich food.

Regularly trim your hair

Avoiding salons is also harmful for your hair. After a time, the ends become rough and start splitting. Split ends prevent the hair from increasing in length. In this situation it is required to cut them. Also, a regular haircut ensures fewer split ends and breakage. So, for maintaining long and healthy hair it is recommended to have a haircut every six to eight weeks.

Adopt natural ways

To maintain healthy hair, you should always adopt natural methods for drying the hair. Your hair also requires rest after a week. Many dermatologists recommend letting the hair rest on weekends. You should avoid drying them with dryers or other electronic pieces of equipment at weekends. Avoiding unnecessary pulling of hair, or tying them up will also allow the hair to rest.

Choose hair products according to weather

Hair products provide desired results according to the weather. Every season your hair requires different care and nourishment. Using a single product all the time may not provide the required care. In winters you must choose products that provide moisture to hair and keep them hydrated. Whereas in summer products that are lighter and remove humidity from hair are preferred.

Prevent sun damage

According to researchers sunlight can make the hair dry and oxidized. it is a good habit to wear hats or other accessories that can protect the hair from sunlight. These accessories help to prevent the scalp from burning and dehydrating. So, you can have a stylish look with a hat while protecting your hair. Try To Avoid Using Hair Dryers for fine hair unless its very needy.

Take care of the scalp

We often forgot to take care of our scalp. As a result, the scalp becomes dry and rough. Because of this we constantly scratch our heads. This traumatizes our scalp and damages it. Thus, for keeping healthy hair it is necessary to keep the scalp healthy.

Keep your hair free

Constantly tying up hair in ponytails or buns can cause pressure on the hair shaft. In the long run, it can lead to a reduction in the hairline. So, you should leave your hair alone most of the time. Unnecessary pulling and plucking the split ends will provide no benefits.

Condition your hair regularly

Conditioning is a great and effective healthy habit for hair. Conditioning the hair regularly keeps the hair hydrated and moisturized. Thus, after every head wash, you should generously apply conditioner on your hair to keep them healthy.

Protect hair from hot tools

Before you blow-dry your hair, you should always pay attention to the amount of heat the dryer releases. Excess heat can damage your hair. Also using the high heat setting for a longer duration should be avoided. It is recommended to use a protective spray before curling or straightening the hair.

Avoid over-brushing

Brushing your hair regularly is a healthy habit. But brushing it in every few hours produces a counter effect. Over Brushing leads to stretching of hair. This in return results in breakage of weak hair ends. It is recommended to brush your hair only once in a day and that too with a plastic brush.

Avoid hot showers

Hot showers after workouts are relieving. But continuous exposure of hair to scalding hot water is not beneficial. It can wash out your hair color and can even make the hair dry. So, to keep healthy hair you must avoid long durations of washing hair with hot water. Some dermatologists recommend using lukewarm water for washing the hair.

Tips to keep your hair healthy

Along with the above-mentioned healthy habits you should follow certain tips to keep your hair healthy. some of these tips are:

  • Always take extreme care while brushing wet hair. Wet hair is fragile and can easily break.
  • Avoid washing hair daily. Whenever you wash, apply conditioner at the ends to prevent split ends.
  • To have shiny and strong hair always wash the conditioner with cold water.
  • Always choose a sulfate-free hair shampoo. Such shampoos do not wash away the essential oils present in scalp and hair.
  • People with dry hair should avoid using hair colors available in the market. You can try a homemade color for coloring your hair.
  • Use homemade masks for deeply nourishing and conditioning your hair.
  • Use oils like coconut oil, olive oil to keep your hair strong and healthy.

However, if your hair health doesn’t improve even after following these tips, it is suggested to reach out to the health experts for the right advice. You can do so through the best digital healthcare platforms like Numan, where a team of health professionals and clinicians is more than willing to guide you at every step of the treatment. Here is their site for you to check out.