How To Identify The Best e-conversion Services



The dream of every writer is to be well-published and for their books to be available to all their readers via numerous platforms; digitally or physically. If you’re a writer and you’re concerned about making your books available to your readers electronically, then you must only work with a reliable and reputable ebook conversion service

Here are some of the ways you can identify the best ebook conversion service for you:

Check Their Previous Works

One of the surest ways to know if an ebook conversion service is right for you or not is to check out their previous works. In today’s world, numerous firms are ready to do or say anything to ensure you work with them and that includes lying about the skills or equipment they do not possess. So, therefore, checking out their previous works is one of the ways you can know if a company is what they claim to be. 

Checking out their previous works helps to determine if an ebook conversion service will suit your needs or you still have to look further. In the process of checking out an ebook conversion service, you can also try speaking with their past clients, to know if they were satisfied with their services or not. This might be all you need to confirm if an ebook conversion service is the best for you.

Look Out For Their Terms And Condition

The Terms and conditions of a business agreement should not be taken lightly. By reading the Terms and Conditions you can easily determine if the services of an e-book conversion company will be suitable for you or not. If you decide to work with an ebook conversion service without having a thorough look at the terms and conditions attached to their service, you will have yourself to blame for it. While checking out an ebook service’s terms and conditions, you should have it at the back of your mind that it is supposed to favor both sides. If the terms and conditions used by an e-book service are one-sided, focusing too much on the interest of the organization involved, then it’s a no go area. It might end up creating problems for your book and those who want to read it as well and that’s not any good for your career.

Look Out For Their Layouts

E-books are generally available in both fixed and reflowable layouts. However, the type of layout that is used for every book depends on their content. Most times, people use fixed layouts for electronic books that contain lots of illustrations. On the other hand, reflowable layouts are more suitable for books with fewer illustrations and more texts. If what your book needs is a reflowable layout and you’re lucky enough to come in contact with an ebook conversion service that uses it a lot, fine. If you also come in contact with the ones that major deals with the fixed ones, you can also work with them. All you need to do is let them know what you want. If they can’t get it done, then you can now contact another ebook conversion service.

Check Out For Their Level Of Advancement

There’s nothing more annoying than paying for an e-book service and discovering that their system of operation is outdated. So before working with any ebook conversion service, you need to have a look at their software. You have to know if it requires being updated frequently or not, especially if you plan on buying the software and using it yourself. It’s very crucial to know if you have to manually download the latest version of the app and install it again or the updates are done automatically. Having a broad knowledge of the software you’re planning on using makes your work very easy.

Time Consciousness

If you intend to use the service of an ebook conversion company at a stipulated time and publish it after, then you must work with an ebook conversion service that keeps time. And even after finding such a service, you need to ensure that they do not mess up your work all in the name of being time-conscious.

In conclusion, you should only work with an ebook conversion service that meets up the criteria mentioned above. If they don’t, working with them can lead to a lot of issues for you.