How to Get an Internship in Silicon Valley?



The south of San Francisco Bay Area has grown into the technology heaven of the world over the decades. As the home of Google, Apple, and Facebook, this area of California is a must-visit place for tech-enthusiasts and engineers from all over the world. Silicon Valley is the birthplace of various existing and upcoming technology start-ups, thus making it a place any tech expert would want to work at.

But, how can that be made possible? After all, it is not very easy to get into the ultimate place of the tech world. However, there is a way around this. Let’s see how.

Tips to Reach to the Top

In this article, we share a few reminders and tips that can come of use for someone aiming for an internship with Silicon Valley.

1. Research Thoroughly

In any new job application, company research and background checks are of primary importance. If you want to ensure a daunting research background to have, you can always check In fact, companies often ask candidates why they are applying to the position and why they are choosing the company.

While applying to a place like Silicon Valley, some of the most important pointers of research are:

  • The company profile and its growth.
  • The job profile and what the requirements are.
  • The candidate’s social media page and their new avenues.
  • Attention to a timeline is definitely the key to land any job.

2. Creating the CV

For first-time applicants to a position, a CV is the first impression. In case of applying to high-profile jobs like those of Silicon Valley, a CV should be as attractive as it should be professional.

In case of a time crunch, it is always recommended to take the help of professional writing services or the top essay writing service body which will help an applicant prepare the CV in a certain manner. It should always meet the industry standards and highlight the applicant’s successes properly, for them to be considered.

3. Be on the Lookout

Looking for an internship in Silicon Valley is not a matter to be resolved in a few days or even months. A chance like this can take a few good years of one’s time, making these so lucrative. One has to be very specific and very punctual about the opening and closing of applications.

An applicant should always be updated about:

  • Summer internships – new job openings for young professionals
  • Social media – in the present situation, there is nothing better to do than regularly and closely follow the social media pages of Silicon Valley startups; if any place can provide the right information, it is here
  • Acquiring skills – sometimes to apply to a certain job, there can be a requirement for certain skill sets. After finding the required criteria, it is important for an applicant to update their CV and skill-set accordingly

This lookout of a candidate, in fact, proves that they are determined to secure the internship and makes an impression during the interviews, once the chance arises.

4. Build a Strong Network

Getting into the original Silicon Valley Network is not an easy task. It involves having plenty of connections inside the major companies and often involves simply asking around rather than networking remotely. For students in the USA, it is an easier option to connect with professors, relatives, acquaintances, and anyone else who could help them out.

For the others, the best shot of networking about Silicon Valley internships is social media. Applicants should try to connect with people all over the world or employees with experience in Silicon Valley. The network becomes a key factor for new entrees into the Valley and can therefore be a problematic task in itself.

Never Give UP

As mentioned earlier, a Silicon Valley internship requires patience and determination. Companies in the Valley receive hundreds of thousands of applications from all over the world, every day. This makes it all the more competitive in every field related to technology.

It is not easy to keep applying to the same positions repeatedly. But this is exactly where one can stand out from the crowd. No matter how many attempts and how many hours of thinking it takes, one should never give up if one really wants to land an opportunity like this. Because it will be worth it in the end.

Author: Melony Hart

Melony Hart is a professional writer and content expert. Her experience with academic and professional writing has made her a trusted name on various platforms. She is an expert in the areas of thesis writing, business writings, and website content.