How to fix FIFA 23 lag and fps drop

How to fix FIFA 23 lag and fps drop

How to fix FIFA 23 lag and fps drop


FIFA is a popular game and it has millions of fans around the world. People like to play game because it is fun and exciting. However, if you are experiencing lag and fps drop then that can be very frustrating for you as this problem may prevent you from playing FIFA 23. Fortunately, there are many easy ways to fix FIFA 23 lag and fps drop in our guide below so keep reading this article carefully and use them if needed!

Change your game setting

The first thing you should do is open your game settings and change them.

  • Fifa 23: Turn off all of the options except for High or Low.
  • FIFA 19: If you’re playing on a PS4, select Custom for both CPU and Graphics Settings; if you’re playing on an Xbox One or Switch, select Auto for both CPU and Graphics Settings (this will be your best bet).

Update the game patch to FIFA 23 latest version

The first thing you should do is update your game patch to the latest version of FIFA 23. The best way to do this is by downloading it directly from the EA Sports website. You can also download it through Origin or Steam, though these might take some time depending on how many users are downloading at once.

Once you have downloaded the updated patch file, go ahead and install it by following their instructions on how best to install them (usually clicking “Yes” when prompted). When installation has finished successfully, restart your computer so that any changes made during installation will take effect automatically upon the next boot-up!

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You can try all these methods and see what works for you. The best thing to do is try them one at a time. If one doesn’t work, try another until you find the perfect fit for your game lag and fps drop problems!