How to find and get a business phone number

In the modern world, smartphones are no longer just a device for entertainment and communication with loved ones. Now, this device has great potential for the successful expansion of its owner’s business. However, one phone number may sometimes not be enough to provide all of its services to its customers. One possible solution to this problem is to use a virtual number to receive calls or send SMS. The most popular and reliable IP telephony provider is HotTelecom –¬† It is this company that is increasingly becoming an effective partner of modern large business companies, banks, chain stores, and other users.

Features of virtual numbers from HotTelecom

You can view SMS with this service from your phone and from a computer. The number is not tied to the device and works on the principle of call forwarding. It is possible to receive SMS free of charge by forwarding them to an e-mail or website URL, or to a mobile phone in any country. HotTelecom provides a large selection of virtual SMS numbers, as this service is purchased by both ordinary users and corporate individuals who are building a business and need the ability to send many messages to customers inexpensively.

The presence of a virtual number increases the efficiency of working with clients, allows you to establish communication within the company, and also reduces the risk of missing out on potentially profitable deals. You can fully trust chalkboard in this regard.

The features of this service that distinguishes it from others are as follows:

  • Numbers from 90+ countries, as well as many operators!
  • You do not just buy 1 SMS, you rent a number for a period of 5 minutes to a day.
  • Symbolic price for SMS code to a temporary number.
  • Connection of all services for clients in the shortest possible time, as well as more than a dozen payment methods for any circumstance.

Connection process and using a phone number to receive calls

A virtual phone number for registering and receiving calls is the best option for a variety of business tasks. HotTelecom provides its customers with the opportunity to rent a number for a short period of time without the need for a long verification process

To receive this service, you must go through the following procedure

  • Register on the HotTelecom website
  • Choose a suitable number
  • Specify a forwarding address
  • Make payment

After the above steps, you will have access to a platform for more efficient work with clients and marketing. All businesses should have their caller ID set up correctly. What is VoIP caller id? It enhances the security features and identifies unwanted calls and telemarketers.