How to Download All Instagram Photos & Bulk Downloaders Examples



Instagram today is one of the treasure troves of cool and inspiring photos from various users. People are obsessed with quality visuals, so it’s easy to find a high-quality picture on IG to suit your mood. There are just so many photos that inspire people, motivate them, provide them with new ideas, or just “cheer them up”.

Once you’ve come across an excellent picture, a logical reflex appears immediately: I need to save it. But the thing is that an Insta picture can only be saved on Insta (sorry for the tautology). Every time you wish to use it for your purposes (inspiration, motivation, relaxation, or as a variant of an idea for your future picture), you have to open IG. The platform itself does not allow you to download its content.

Well, you may take a screenshot (although the quality will be damaged), but if you want to delete your account altogether but still keep all the content you’ve published? Or do you want to download all Instagram photos from a profile of your favorite travel blogger or worthy competitor? Storing necessary pictures on your robust device is much safer and more convenient.

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, you are in the right place to find the answers.

Let’s tap into details to explore the methods of all Insta data/profile images saving both with Instagram profile picture download tools and a tricking way.

How to save all your IG data

Suppose you desire to get all your IG data at once before deleting a profile or keep it safe if something goes wrong and all your profile photos and videos are threatened with deletion. Ugh, it’s scary to think that all your creations will disappear (well, if you haven’t saved them somewhere else before).

Four steps to get all your IG data:

  1. Go to your account, hit on the profile, and pick out a “gear” icon or “3 horizontal lines” (depending on a device you use) to choose Settings.
  2. Here hit “Privacy/Security” or just “Security” > “Download data” > “Request Download”.
  3. Type your email address to get the download link, and then enter your password after hitting the “Next” button.
  4. Press “Request download”.

Within 48 hours (but usually an hour or two after submitting your request), you will receive a download link from IG to the indicated email address. After receiving the message, you should click on download data, and you will get all the comments, likes, and all your profile content in a zip file on your device.

How to get all images/videos of a profile

There are two widely spread ways to download all Instagram photos of a certain account: via online tools & a tricky way.

Web-based services

If you wish to get all account content in bulk, then one method is online tools such as Instagram Album Downloader, Gram Save, Toolzu, etc. They download content on the online version, so no installation is needed.

To get all profile content using a web-based saver, load a tool via a gadget browser and insert a username (whose content you desire to keep) into an input line. Then hit a download button and go to a device Downloads folder to enjoy the stored content.

Web browser usage

If you prefer to use gimmicks rather than external tools to download all Instagram photos, this method is right for you. In just a few steps, you get all profile pictures and videos on your PC.

  1. Go to an Insta to find a necessary account.
  2. Scroll to the end of the profile to upload all its content.
  3. Right-click on a blank space to call up the context menu and pick out “Save as”.
  4. Then pick out a Web Page saving type on an opened window and click “Save” to upload pictures in an HTML file.

Go to a “Downloads” folder to find the stored pictures and delete the HTML file to keep the image files only.

Over to you

Before you download a user’s photos and upload them onto the web in the future, first ask the author of the content for permission. Wherever you use a saved shot, always give the author credit (link or tag him or her). Please respect the creators’ rights, do not break copyright law, and do not use the downloaded content for financial purposes, as it is illegal.