How to Design Advertising Banners which can bring results

In terms of business and brand advertising, ‘the first impression is the best impression’ to make on the potential customers. This applies to all forms of advertising, and banner ads are no exception. A well-crafted banner can draw the curiosity of the spectator and can draw immediate attention. A passer pedestrian or a wanderer at the convention center will surely have a glimpse of a display banner there. If it has something catchy, it can hold the viewer in front of it for a while and further to a desirable action in favor of the business.

To ensure this crucial ‘first impression,’ your banner must be made with the right mix of colors, graphics, visuals, and most importantly, the wordings to share a unique and compelling message. You may try out the expert tips discussed below to enhance your conversions from banner ads.

Tips to get your banner ads convert

  • Keep the copy short and action-oriented

The words like “increase”, “improve”, “create”, “inspire”, “discover”, “explore”, “join”, “help”, “do this” etc. has an impact as like we see “start here, or “try this” as on the internet pages. This has a mesmerizing psychological effect, not by standing along, but with something else so compelling to drag one in. You can smartly experiment with various headlines too to determine the right combination to present. However, the ad may look so cluttered if your message is too long for the viewers to catch at one glimpse.

  • Reduce the graphic weight and stay balanced

Too many colors and graphics may not help you draw attention to your banner, but instead, it may make the viewers feel averted. Simplicity is the key in modern-day advertising, and banner ads are no exception. Avoid any flashy elements to draw attention instead of focusing on the content more to attract the new-age consumers.

  • Use attractive colors

You have to be very much aware of (if not need to get expert advice on) using colors on print banner ads. There are some balanced color combinations to be used for banner design to look good on print. The effective usage of white space is also necessary on banners to draw attention to the elements through which you share the actual message. Different colors can stimulate different psychological emotions, which also you need to leverage while designing banners effectively. For example, blue color may offer a calming and peaceful effect, whereas green can be refreshing and natural. Red gives you a sense of urgency, whereas yellow and orange are associated with mouthwatering food items and so on.

  • Take care of your brand elements

Whatever mode of advertising you take always be consistent and serious about your brand elements like the logo, brand name presentation, taglines, etc during banner printing. These needed to be presented uniquely and attractively on all your advertising platforms, including banners. As banners are usually bigger displays, you have a better scope of effectively presenting your brand elements to register your brand on the spectators’ minds.

Make sure that you use banner advertising effectively both offline and online too. We will have an in-depth discussion about the same in another article in this series regarding the online banner ads.