How to clean and care for invisible aligners

If you have decided to improve your smile with an aligner orthodontic treatment, surely you have done it because of the advantages that its aligners provide as they are transparent, comfortable, removable and practically imperceptible.

But precisely so that the splints are not noticeable and you can enjoy your invisible orthodontic system, it is important that you take proper care of them. If not, they could become deformed, stained, scratched or dull.

How to clean aligners

First of all, keep in mind that the splints used in aligners orthodontics are renewed frequently (every 15 days), which makes maintenance much easier.

In addition, you just have to follow a few simple tips so that the aligners can retain all their qualities and remain imperceptible to view during the two weeks that you are going to use them.

So, these are the steps you should follow to ensure good care and hygiene for invisible aligners:

  • Neutral soap and water. At mealtime, or whenever you need to remove the splints, you should clean aligners with mild soap, warm water, and a tooth or nail brush.

Using micro granule toothpaste to wash your aligners or soaking them in mouthwash can damage the material they are made of. As a consequence, these can become more opaque and lose transparency.

Nor should they be washed with too hot water, because they could become deformed.

  • Clean aligners, healthy mouth. Washing the aligners well is not only essential so that they remain transparent during the 15 days of use, but also to ensure proper hygiene.

Clean splints will prevent bacteria from accumulating on their surface and, therefore, will help keep your teeth and mouth healthy throughout the treatment.

That said, it should be noted that one of the advantages of invisible orthodontics, beyond the aesthetic ones, is that it is the most hygienic system, precisely because the aligners are removable and can be removed to eat and brush your teeth. Also, because the splints can be washed separately, which facilitates their cleaning.

  • Brushing the teeth. After eating or drinking (as long as it is not water), you need to brush your teeth and run the aligners through water before putting them back in your mouth. They should also be rinsed with water when removing them, especially when they cannot be washed with soap at the time.
  • The aligners, always in the box. When you have finished washing the aligners, always put them in their case. Not only will you prevent them from deforming, but we have proven that keeping them in your pockets or on a napkin makes it easier for them to get lost.
  • Weekly deep cleaning. Once the first week with your new invisible aligners is over, you can use specific descaling products for removable orthodontic appliances. We recommend using them once or twice a week to keep the splints transparent and prevent them from acquiring an unpleasant smell or taste.