How to Choose Translation Software Tools in 2021

Translation Software

Translation Software

First of all, it must be noted that when you are choosing translation software tools, it will always depend on what you would like to do. Still, you have to remember that software should be used as a supplementary tool and not as a total replacement. In other words, if you do not have specific technical skills (like ones required for technical writing) for a certain translation type, the software tools that you have won’t help you much to provide the same translation quality as you would receive from a certified linguist. Always look at the existing features and the compatibility for your particular task because these tools have a single purpose – to make your translation workflow more comfortable.

Choosing Relevant Translation Software Tools in 2021 

  • Simplicity Versus Complex Solutions. 

Do not look for those things that you do not need. You can compose an outline and then look for those solutions that have these precise features. It will help you to avoid those translation tools that may be too complex for you. Nevertheless, explore both simple and complex offerings!

  • Memory Tools Help.

Using Translation Memory (TM) tools is one of those processes that does not make your translation any less human. In simple terms, you are turning to AI tools that help to save time and lower costs. Implementing machine learning, TM tools simply learn your words and various phrases as you translate. When you proceed with editing things within your system, it always works in the background and brings you suggestions and pairings of each segment. When you work with a related project, you do not have to translate the same words or phrases again. It is good when you are coping with manuals or technical translations.

  • Confidentiality Aspect. 

Regardless of what you may choose, it is best to consider enterprise security options. As you (or your colleagues) are uploading sensitive information via software that has collaboration options, it is much safer to use software that has good encryption and can assist you when a data breach is suspected. You should look for features like multi-factor authentication method and file storage methods that can help you avoid any risks as you are cooperating with editors, managers, and other translators. For example, when you are dealing with medical documents or immigration papers, you should consider additional security layers. Speaking of immigration, consider safe USCIS certified translation services and make sure that you mention your security concerns. By doing so, you will always keep specialists aware of your requirements by keeping your information safe.

  • Translation Tracking.

When you have to collaborate with more than two people, it is essential to consider various translation tools that implement tracking. It means that you will be able to track the progress of your colleagues and see what each person has contributed. It is important when you are dealing with various disputes as the deadline has not been met. If you are not sure about what it means, look for the translation edit history feature. It will provide you with additional details in terms of how each translation segment has been processed and how much time it has taken. The majority of such translation tools include dates and timestamps with the editor’s name and changes.

Localization Aspects 

One of the most challenging aspects of choosing the right translation software is when you have to deal with localization. While it would be a bit easier to approach a simple website, things usually become much more difficult and time-consuming when you have to choose the right tool for video games or mobile apps. If you want to keep your manual processes simplified, you would need to try several localization tools to choose the one that fits your workflow. Some of them will work well for simple tasks, while the other ones are aimed at enterprise solutions. Just make sure that you focus on compatibility and free trials!


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