How to choose a Title IX advisor for your case in Texas?    



Title IX law protects students from sexual misconduct. It is a federal law in the United States which allows the school to take strict action against sexual harassment. If you are facing allegations under Title IX, then you have to contact a Title IX advisor in Texas to understand more about your case.

What is the role of a Title IX advisor?

The Title IX advisor is a person who can help you know your rights and possible legal actions. The advisor will also brief you about the consequences of the sexual misconduct allegation if proven. The advisor will help you throughout the investigation process. Thus, choosing who your advisor will be is going to be crucial to the case.

Factors that’ll help choose a Title IX advisor 

A person well-versed in Title IX law in Texas is the most important criterion for the role of an advisor. The student undergoing investigation should be able to build a good rapport and trust with the advisor. If the advisor has dealt with similar cases, then the student has a better chance of winning the case.

Should you choose a legal attorney to be your Title IX advisor?

A legal attorney with experience in Title IX cases is in a better position to help you. The lawyer will have prior successful experience with Title IX cases.

Attorneys are more experienced in conducting a thorough investigation to come up with solid defense points. Sometimes, the student will be wrongly accused under the law. Here, the role of an attorney is crucial to prove the student’s innocence.

Similarly, in most cases, the defense attorney will hold schools accountable for the lack of taking steps that could have prevented the assault from taking place. If your attorney can pull this off, there is a high probability that you will receive a favorable verdict.


Title IX violations are more complicated than academic misconduct and other violations at school. Having a record of sexual offense will permanently tarnish your academic profile as well as your personal life.

The impact of the Title IX verdict can change your life for the worse. Thus, you have to contact a lawyer before it becomes too late. The role of Title IX advisor, if done by a legal attorney, is the best-case scenario as it will help you better present your defense and negotiate with the school for a minor punishment.