How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually



A laptop has now become a necessity for us. All of our tasks are done using these devices. There lie battery issues when the laptops are used continuously. The battery gets drained faster due to which it needs to be charged regularly.

Laptops are handy and portable, thus we can carry them anywhere. But what if you forget to take away the charger? Then it will be a complete mess. You won’t be able to use your laptop once the battery is completely drained.

To overcome this situation, you must learn “how to charge a laptop battery manually?” Some of you may wonder, but yes! This is possible. You can easily charge your laptop battery without the original charger. This can be done using an external source such as a USB cable, HDMI cable, external charger, power adaptor, etc.

Today, in this article we are going to discuss the ways and the steps to charge a laptop battery without a laptop. Read the below article carefully to learn the methods. Remember to take the required precautions. This is because the external voltage source can even harm your device if not used properly.

3 Ways To Charge Laptop Battery Manually:

With the evolution of technology, laptops are now becoming more and more efficient these days. The battery exhausts easily when overused. Charging laptops with chargers is not always possible. So, it is essential to find some alternatives for charging your laptops. Some of the best ways to charge a laptop battery without a laptop are as follows-

1. Use a USB device to charge the laptop battery-

The easiest way to get out of this situation is by using a USB device. It allows you to charge your laptops using another device connected with a USB cable.

Laptops have multiple in-built ports that are used for different purposes. But not all of them support charging features. They are used to supply power to any other source or to transfer files or data between each other. Devices mainly have 2 ports A, B. Some of the latest laptops are now developed with port C as well. A-type ports are mainly used to send out the power to other devices. You can charge your mobile phones, power bank, and other devices using this port. B and C- type ports are used to take power as input. If you have these ports on your laptop, you can use devices such as a power bank to supply power to your laptop. This will add the battery to your device. USB cables are the best medium to charge your laptops using other devices.

The laptops can also be charged using HDMI cables. For this, you have to use an adapter to connect the C-type port USB and HDMI cable to provide input for charging the laptop.

Remember that while using external sources such as the power bank, the input power must be sufficient enough to charge your laptop. It should be at least 60W- 100W of power at an input voltage of 20V.

2. Through a universal power adapter-

The universal power adapter is the first-aid device for all uncharged or dead batteries. They are used to supply power to the batteries as an external source. These adapters are also used in the manufacturing of batteries. You just need to connect your laptop battery to this adapter and provide a power supply to the adapter. The universal adaptors are way cheaper and affordable as compared to other input power sources. But one thing you need to make sure of is compatibility. Before purchasing any universal power adapter, check whether the adapter is compatible with your device and supports it or not.

But these power adapters do have many risks associated with them. These adapters are not fit for regular charging as they are not the perfect chargers. The power adapters can be used as an alternative to the charger and should only be used during emergencies. Over usage of these adapters can sometimes damage your device as it is dangerous to use the power adapters continuously.

3. Using an external battery charger-

An external battery charger is a third-party adapter used to charge electronic devices. These external battery chargers are not connected directly to your laptop. Instead, you have to remove your laptop’s battery. The batter is then connected to the external charger that supplies input power at a suitable voltage. The laptops are given access to the external chargers in advance. Once your battery gets fully charged, you can unplug the battery from the charger and can install it back on your laptop or computer.



You can easily find these external battery chargers online or can get them from the store.

While purchasing the external battery charger, make sure to go through all its specifications and details. You can use the company website to get reviews and other technical information. Check whether the charger is compatible with your device or not. This is because the incompatibility of the external battery charger can harm your device in multiple ways.


Let us have a look at some of the most commonly asked questions-

  1. How to charge the undetachable laptop’s battery?

If your laptop has an undetachable battery then you cannot charge it without a laptop. You can either charge your laptop using the power adaptors or through the USB cable. Removing the battery out of the laptop can be risky if you are not an expert. This can even harm your laptop as well as the battery.

  1. Are there any other ways to charge the laptop battery directly without the original charger?

Yes, there are many more ways to charge the laptop without the original charger. They are as follows-

  • Using superpower batteries
  • Using solar energy kit
  • Through AC adaptors
  • Use portable laptop chargers, etc.
  1. How to charge a laptop battery manually using the solar energy kit?

As the world is inclining towards solar energy, technicians have now discovered an interesting way to charge your batteries through solar energy. The solar energy kit is connected to a solar panel. The device takes input power directly from the solar panel which in turn takes input from sun rays directly. The sun rays are converted into electrical energy which is supplied to the device. These kits contain a photo-voltaic cell that plays a lead role in the entire process.

Final Verdict:

Charging laptops without chargers has been a difficult task while away from home. Hopefully, this article has now resolved this issue. Following the above ways, you can now answer your question “how to charge a laptop battery without a laptop”.  Remember that do not make this a habit. Charging your laptop with its charger should be your priority. This will maintain the good health of your device. If you fail to get your hands on the charger, then you can use these ways. We hope you have got this article helpful. Do let us know your queries in the comment section below.