How to Buy LED High Bay Lights Fixture

Advantages Of LED Lights

LED Lights

If you are working in a manufacturing unit that has big machines and equipment, the risks are higher.

You need to have proper lighting to see things clearly.

The ceilings are usually high therefore proper lights are required to spread more and brighter light.

You can use high bay LED lights to spread light evenly and on a larger area.

So, let’s continue reading this article and find out how to buy an LED high bay lights fixture.

Let’s find out.

What are LED High Bay Lights?

LED high bay lights are used for lighting up large area with high ceilings. The ceiling height ranges from 20 to 45 feet. The high ceilings mean that more space to be filled with light so you need a powerful light source to light up a large area. High Bay LED Lights produce a bright light and gives 50% energy savings. They cast directional light so you can mount them where you exactly need it.

Why LED High Bay Lights?

  1. Cost

The cost of LED high bay lights is very low as compared to other bulbs.

  1. Energy Saving Option

When you use LED high bay lights you save a lot of money in terms of electricity bills because these lights consume less energy and produce more light.

  1. Appearance

With LED high bay lights you can improve your business area and it will shine better and attract more customers. The overall appearance is enhanced with proper lighting.

  1. Ease

LED high bay lights last really long and you don’t have to change them again and again.

  1. Safety

LED high bay lights are safe to use because there is no UV or mercury used or emitted.

Types of High Bay Lights

  1. Round High Bay Light

The saucer-like shaped round high bay lights are also known as UFO high bay lights. They are easy to install because they will be hung at one point. The light from UFO high bay lights averages 120 degrees which are ideal above 13ft high. You need to check the lumens to get the best lighting possible.

  1. Linear High Bay Light

Linear high bay lights are best to light up a large building as they illuminate more space at one time. Long linear high bay lights are most commonly used in grocery store or warehouse where you have lots of aisles or shelving. For larger commercial building you need 200w LED high bay lights to make all your products well-lit. For softer lighting and smaller space, 100w will be perfect.

Mounting Height of the LED High Bay Lights

WattageSuggested Mounting Height
100W UFO LED High Bay12-18ft
150W UFO LED High Bay14-22ft
240W UFO LED High Bay19-28ft
165W Linear LED High Bay16-24ft
220W Linear LED High Bay18-28ft

Where to Buy High Bay LED Lights?

So, if you are looking to buy LED high bay light fixture for your retail store or warehouse you can check Lepro. They sell linear as well as round high bay lights with different wattages. Lepro uses Philips Lumileds LED inside its LED lights. They provide high-quality lights with a 5 years warranty. And the shipping is also free.