How to buy a European passport?



Several agencies offer the streamlining of legal procedures to obtain residence or citizenship of a country in the European Union in exchange for real estate investments or purchase of public debt. People tend to Buy European Passport and some of them prefer to Buy Diplomatic Passport as well.

Yes, surprising as it may seem, it is possible to buy a European passport, residence or even citizenship of a Member State of the European Union. And legally. “We take care of everything, from the arrival in Barcelona ​​to the last of the procedures to be followed”, says a real estate agent from the Changtian consultancy. Papers and identification checks, tortuous waiting of at least three years to get a residence permit for arraigo, after passing interviews that demonstrate integration and knowledge of Spanish and Catalan, all this disappears if the person has the amount necessary to carry out a real estate investment. “If you want to buy flats or premises here, we offer you a translator, hotel, and care for all the days that the purchase process takes,” they affirm in the agency. The letters drawn on the glass are already quite explicit: “foreign investment”. This company, located in a central Barcelona square, advises foreigners who want to acquire properties in Spain for a combined value of at least half a million euros.

It is the minimum necessary to obtain a residence visa and to be able to subsequently move to Spain, as established by Law 14/2013 on support for entrepreneurs and their internationalization. The same advice processes residence permits, arrival in the country, and the purchase of goods in exchange for fees of around five thousand euros depending on what the client needs.

In the agency’s brochures, written in Spanish and Chinese, penthouses are displayed on the beach, images of the Park Güell or the Sagrada Familia. Sun, beach, and “an idyllic destination” as the poster says. The key to entering this Paradise is real estate investment. One-bedroom apartments are promoted at a price of 270,000 euros or three-bedroom apartments for 690,000 euros. It is not the only company that works for foreigners who want to invest in Spain, other real estate agencies are targeting investors from Russia or the Middle East.

Global citizens, not immigrants

We are facing a double standard discourse at a global level. While the majority of migrants face increasingly tough requirements to get a work permit or visa for the EU or the US, the chances of investors obtaining golden visas (Portugal, England) or even citizenship in these countries are multiply ”, explains the professor and researcher. 

Until recently, such rights could only be obtained through birth in a country, which made life chances a real lottery, depending on where we would have had the good luck or bad luck if we had been born. Investors the possibility of buying access to such rights creates a parallel structure for the distribution of life opportunities that no longer depends on the place of birth and that contributes to preserving these rights only for the richest or those born in the territory of a rich State.

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