How To Become A Tattoo Artist With No Experience

Become A Tattoo Artist With No Experience

Become A Tattoo Artist With No Experience

Tattoo artists should be excellent at sketching out ideas and should have the artistic ability to draw, create, and tattoo their creations onto their clients’ skin. Tattooing is a rewarding career, but like other creative fields, it is not easy. You must have some first-hand experience if you wish to pursue your career within the industry. It takes time and commitment to build your brand’s name as an artist and earn profits eventually.

You might come across several articles on the Internet on how to become a tattoo artist in easy ways, but not all of them will guide you towards the right path. So, to master the art of tattooing, follow these steps.

1. Take Lessons Of Drawing

To master the art of tattooing, you must know how to draw well. You need to improve your art skills and techniques before attempting a career in the respective field. Here’s how you can learn to draw in easy ways.

2. Draw On Your Own

You can start learning to draw by keeping a pencil and sketchbook handy and sketching anything you see around. You can also enhance your drawing skill by joining fine art classes, learning techniques from art books, working with a fellow artist, or all of the above.

3. Take Reference From Notable Tattoo Artists

Different tattoo artists work in different ways. While it is difficult to master all, you should explore the work of your favorite artist and try to work in the same manner.

4. Analyze All Forms Of Art

A tattoo artist should be adept at creating all types of tattoos, ranging from contemporary to traditional. So before getting specialization in any particular form, consider your target audience and other elements to succeed.

5. Study Tattooing From A Professional University

Numerous aspirants prefer to be self-taught in order to pursue a career in tattooing. But according to tattoo artists, it is important to learn the art from professional institutions to successfully build a career. Professional institutions make you an expert in the field and provide good opportunities to succeed in your career.

It is equally important to assess your financial condition and skills to pursue a career in tattooing. You need to be realistic and strategize a plan to operate your business with the best equipment and infrastructure.

6. Get Admission In The Best Art College

To be adept in your art, you need to learn and master the basics. Art colleges offer a number of courses for aspirants who wish to build a career as a tattoo artist, painter, etc. So, enroll yourself in a college and learn the basic concepts and improve your skills by regularly practicing under an experienced artist.

7. Focus On In-Depth Knowledge And Basic Design Skills

The art of tattooing incorporates all the basic elements and principles of design. It is important for aspirants who wish to pursue a career as a tattoo artist to have in-depth knowledge of all the different design elements and principles and how they are applied practically. Beware that you would design tattoos that are applied on human skin, therefore removal is possible but not everybody would like to go through the whole process of it, however, you can always seek Melbourne tattoo removal services since they have the best success rate regarding tattoo removals.

8. Learn The Principles And Basics Of Graphic Design

Whether you decide to develop tattoo making skills yourself or get admission to an Art University, it is vital that you master the principles and basic elements of graphic design. You will have to learn the basic concepts of shape, line, color, texture, size, and value. You will also have to learn to apply these concepts practically on paper to create the designs you want.

Furthermore, you need to master the essential skills of graphic design principles, including alignment, repetition, proximity, contrast, balance, and space. The graphic design principles lay the foundation of the art, and no one can master any art or craft without them. The use of principles varies greatly depending on the type of design. The usage of elements and principles of graphic design is what makes every art piece different.

9. Practice With The Equipment

Once you have gained all the prerequisite knowledge about the art form, you should buy your own tattoo equipment. You need to have at least two tattoo guns, needles for shading and drawing lines, gloves, green cleaning soap, spray bottles, and other supplies to keep your area clean. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right the first time; practice and try again. It takes time for even the most talented aspirants to become perfect.