How to become a successful content creator



Content creation is the most crucial step in the marketing process. Every business needs good content created by a professional to clearly express their values and get people to know more about their work. Well-written and Seo-friendly content will provide a good user experience for your leads and increase your search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. That’s the reason why companies look for good content writing agencies for freelance writers to improve their public image and marketing quality.

Becoming a good content creator might be challenging, you’ll find yourself in the middle of the great competition. It is not easy to become the mediator between the business and the society, it’s the process of thinking out the best ways to express the core ideas of the business attractively and temptingly, constantly analyze your audience and find the best methods to connect with them. Despite the obstacles you might face on your way, developing some skills and habits will help you to go through this herd self-development process and become a valuable Content creator, with amazing insights and ideas that will work for everyone’s benefit.

In this article, we collected some general tips that will be useful on your way to become a good content creator. What habits do you need, What to focus on, how to write SEO-friendly content are the questions we will cover.

1. Read more about your industry

Reading news about your field will provide a better understanding of what is trendy at the time. it will automatically give you meaningful insights and better ways to connect to your audience. Without knowing what is new tendencies in society and industry, you might have a hard time writing content that is relatable and is not out of context. Be inquisitive, read and analyze the newest information. 

Try to find blogs that provide trustworthy and fresh news every day. Discover the books to deepen your knowledge about the topics you work on. Develop a habit to read it whenever you have free time. 

2. Analyze your audience

Before you start working on content you should have a clear image of whom you write it for. You should ask more questions about the people you are talking and connecting with_ What do they need to hear from me? What are their characteristics? WHO are they? How to give them information about the business in the best and understandable way? The more you know about your target, the better your words will work. Try to search out general information _ age, gender, location, job title, etc. Write the statistics down and start creating the strategy customized for the data you have in front of you.

3. Practice writing

Write on a regular basis. Writing is a skill that won’t simply improve by itself without regular exercise. Exercise your brain to form clear and precise sentences and exercise your hand to type or write your thoughts down.  

Make writing around 10-15 minutes as part of your daily routine. Figure out when your mind is most clear and peaceful, sit down and practice _ just form your thoughts into words, what’s in your mind? What Did you watch last night? Why was that movie interesting? Just ask simple questions to yourself and write down your answers in freestyle. It won’t take a long time to notice significant changes in your writing quality.

4. Are you networking?

The shortest way from content creator to successful content creator is an acceptance of the fact that there always is something to learn. A habit of listening to others and taking their ideas into consideration will help you to develop critical thinking and seeing out of the box. Social networking is the easiest way to get to know other people, share your thoughts and ideas with them, check out the leaders of the industry and listen to their ideas. Surf around the internet, spend some time on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms, if you do not have an extrovert nature, it might be hard for you at first, but take small steps and improve over time. 

5. Question everything

Good content creators are curious about everything. Ask more questions and be inquisitive about your internal knowledge and the external information existing around you. Great content is nothing but the result of thorough analysis and revaluation. Critical thinkers make amazing content creators. 

6. Improve your SEO knowledge

Both search engines and your users are the main things you have to consider for content creation. Writing SEO-friendly content can take a lot of time and effort but the results, if you do it right, will pay off.  You can create keywords (we will cover this topic down below) to gain the highest ranks in search results or use guest posting services to get higher traffic for your blogs/posts will help you to dominate over the internet and make your content easily-reachable.

 We want to give you some useful information to make this task easier for you. 

  • Keyword research

-Carry out the research to find proper keywords for your content and make it dominate the search results. 

-Before you choose the target keywords, find their volume of searches in the given timeframe, using the wrong keyword will cost a waste of time and effort.

-Try to identify the intent behind these keywords. This will simplify the whole SEO process. For that, you can simply use google Related Searches on Google, it will give you examples of exactly what users try to find searching out a particular word. 

-Try to find another keyword suggestion related to the same subject by using Google Search autocomplete that will give you a variation of other possible keywords.

  • Proper places for the keywords

When you identify and select your target keywords, make sure to include them in the right places in your content and optimize it. Places to include your keyword within:

– Titles

– Subtitles

– Descriptions


– h1-h6 tags of your content

– Image names and alt image tags

– Hashtags

– Category names

7. Make your content stand out

The digital competition feels like an invisible battle. Differentiate your content to become noticeable and recognizable by your users. Creative and unique style always gains more popularity and attention. So, put all your effort to create your own personal style using:

  • Design – use colors, layouts, images and diagrams to create visually refined content.
  • Data – Add real-world and trustful data that other content might lack.
  • Emotion – add emotion and storytelling to your writings, users tend to like content that is more relatable and emotionally charged. Use empowering words to increase the emotional impact.
  • Depth – explore your topic on a deeper level to look and be more competent.

8. Plan your main points

Content must be well-organized, to achieve that start from the working process. Create an outline to structurize your ideas and give you a brief plan for writing your content.

To structure your content effectively, consider:

Consider the following tips to make your writing process tidier and more put together:

  • Promise – make sure your content matches the promises you made in the title.
  • Objections – try to answer all the questions your audience might have after reading your posts.
  • Flow – use logical sentences to form your thoughts and make it flow naturally without any stumble.
  • Completeness – provide thorough information for your readers about the topics you are writing about.

bonus tips:

  • Use and outlining tools or mind-mapping apps to organize your ideas and structure.
  • Write your drafts directly into your favorite text editor to form the plan of how to give it the final face.

9. Brainstorm your irresistible headlines

Your primary job is to create tempting headlines to make the users click on and read your content. Take an expedient time to craft and irresistible titles and headlines and make your users desperate to read more. 

To create the headline that gets clicked use the 4u method to convince your readers that your post is:

  1. Useful – that your content has a value for them.
  2. Urgent – desire to read more right after seeing the title.
  3. Ultra-specific – create a clear idea of what your post will be about.
  4. Unique – make them think they have never seen the same title before.

Brainstorm at least 10 headline versions and then choose the best.

10. Polish before you publish

Do not publish your content right after finishing the first draft. Before your content gets to the final shape make sure to reread it several times and catch any errors and flow imperfections. You can use your favorite software that automatically catches any typos and simple grammar errors. 

In the best version, let your draft rest for at least 24 hours. It will allow you to take a break for a while and once you return back you’ll notice any flaws that you missed before. Remove all the jargons and unnecessary sentences that decrease the power and energy of your content.

I hope that this article was helpful and it provides all the puzzle pieces. Always remember to be patient, becoming a master of writing the highest quality content takes time and a lot of practice. Have an adventurous journey!