How to be prepared for NEET Biology

How to be prepared for NEET Biology

How to be prepared for NEET Biology

NEET is a qualification test for those who want to make their career in the medical field. This qualification and entrance test is open to attain for all the aspirants of this nation and that is why the competition level is very high. So if you are one of the many who is seeking help for the upcoming NEET 2020 exam then we are here to provide you with the help that you need.

Now, let’s get into the topic of preparing for the Biology section of this test. For starters, candidate should start their Biology preparation from grade 11th and 12th. Biology is one the most critical section because you will have to answer 90 question that offers 360 marks in the entire NEET examination. 

We have the perfect guide for you to cover the whole Biology section…

Equalize Your Syllabus- Candidates must understand the value of understanding their syllabus and study until they have covered every little thing. Candidates who have attempted the previous year’s NEET examination knows the fact that this section is wide and requires thorough understanding. From the curriculum classes of 11th and 12th the subject carries 38 chapters combined. So, It gets very important to pay special attention to each of the topics and divide them into smaller sections. This will help you to be prepared for the entire Biology syllabus and you will also get to know about the important topics to pay deep attention to. Here the most important topics of this section to save your time of researching. 

  1. Reproduction – Flowering Plants and Human
  2. Diversity in Living Organisms
  3. Physiology – Plant and Human
  4. Biotechnology
  5. Genetics and Evolution
  6. Ecology
  7. Structural Organization in Living Organisms
  8. Cell Structure and Function

Create a Schedule for Your Studies- The best way to plan out your studies is by planning a schedule for it. Because this section has got a vast syllabus you will need to divide your time equally for all your topics so that you can end your syllabus before your NEET 2020 exam. Make sure that you are also changing your study pattern to change your progress.

Summarize Your Study- It would be more helpful if you create a chart or design a time table so that you can organize your entire syllabus. There are many applications available online that can help you summarize your studies.

Question Paper- Practising with question paper can also help you very much with your studies, by this you will get to know about the question pattern, plus you can also get repeated questions from previous year’s exam. Aspirants thinking to take the NEET exam must stay relevant to the changing pattern to acquire some idea about the test.

Mock Test- Just like practicing with old question papers taking the mock test also helps you vastly to be prepared for the upcoming NEET 2020 exam. You should at least take one mock test per week to get familiar with your performance.

Revision- This is the most important thing to do for a student. Just completing your syllabus is not enough, you must take out some time in order to revise all that you have studied. This will help you to know your studies like the back of your hand and it will take you lesser time to answer the questions when the time comes.

Tips from The Experts:-

  • It is important for the aspirants to read and re-read the NCERT textbooks. NEET is a Biology-centric test and that is why you should focus more on this subject and in it’s syllabus.
  • Solve the examples in NCERT textbooks, this will help you with tricky questions.
  • According to the previous NEET question papers, human psychology, plant psychology, cell biology and biomolecules from 11th grade is very important. Also, make sure to memorize the common scientific names of the organism as there will be MCQs also. 
  • Spend more time on the chapters with high weightage to gain the possibility to get good marks.

Here you have got all the things that you should know about how to crack your Vedantu neet biology syllabus. Just make sure to revise and repeat your study pattern so that you can get familiarize yourself with each of the topics.