How to be in touch in any location: international SIM card + overview



Hello, digital nomad! This article is definitely for you if you want to stay connected to the Internet and not depend on a specific location 24/7. Moreover, this text is super useful for those who work remotely or travelers that want to stay connected on their trips abroad.

This is possible using an international SIM card. But what are they like?

What is an international SIM card?

In fact, this is an ordinary tourist SIM card, but with a special tariff that allows you to approach calls from abroad very flexibly.

To be more detailed: companies that issue tourist SIM cards conclude contracts with European/Asian/US/etc. mobile operators, which provide international call services. The conditions they offer are much more profitable than those of national roaming operators, competition and a high level of cellular penetration effect.

What are international sim cards?

There are two types of international SIM in the communications market in 2023

1) A SIM CARD: a regular international SIM card with the ability to be in touch in selected countries

2) AN ESIM: virtual eSim card

Overview of international SIM card options

Overview: Virtual ESIM with an international package (on EsimPlus example)

Number of locations: 131

Price: $105

Term of use: indefinite

Internet: 15 GB

Additionally: free virtual number for sms

With a virtual international sim card by EsimPlus, you get a phone number with free incoming calls in 131 countries of the world, without a subscription fee. Here you can buy good outgoing calls in one fell swoop, and there is still a lot of Internet that is not tied to the location – that is, unlimited outgoing conversation time via WhatsApp / Snapchat / Viber with payment only for connection.

Advantages of an eSim for international travel

  • You no longer need to change SIM cards or use multiple mobile phones at the same time.
  • No roaming setup is required.
  • No need to purchase a local SIM card
  • Communication and Internet costs are practically equal to the local tariffs of the host countries.

Overview: An ordinary SIM card of international format (for example, v-tell)

Number of locations: 101

Price: $550

Period of use: 1 month

Internet: Unlimited

Additionally: Creating the effect of local presence in any of the 51 countries at the Subscriber’s choice

An ordinary SIM card with an international format does not have as many advantages as a virtual SIM. But they are weighty. The own networks of a classic mobile operator producing an international SIM card are united by high-speed communication channels and a switching system under the control of a Global specialized Billing system. All this ensures greater connection security and subscriber data storage.

The advantage is its own international “home” network for subscribers between countries.

A final word

Staying connected and online in any country in 2023 is very easy with one of these solutions. You can get a full-fledged source of constant and reliable communication from any corner of the planet in just a couple of clicks,