How to Ask Someone to Be Your Best Man 



When it comes to your wedding, there are certain traditions that, no matter what theme you are going for or what other ideas you might have, you’ll want to stick to. One of these traditions is having a best man. The best man is someone who is there to generally help with the organization of the day on a practical level, but also someone who is there to help emotionally too. Everyone gets a little fraught on their wedding day, and having a friend there to help you is important. 

So clearly it’s important to work out who should be your best man and then to ask them. However, if you want to make the occasion a special one, you need to come up with a special way of doing that. Here are some ideas:

Give Them a Gift 

When you want to ask your prospective best man if they’ll do the job for you, you can make the moment a more memorable one by looking at best man gift ideas and presenting them with something they can keep forever. It might even be something they can use or wear at your wedding, making it even more special. 

Ask Someone to Be Your Best Man

Ask Someone to Be Your Best Man

The best man must be your best friend, who understands your fun and your feelings better. He must also feel the status of his friendship with you when he is invited to be your best man. A bespoke gift for him will better show the unique place he holds in your heart. Some people will consider a bespoke enamel pin for them, designed in the style and colour they want, something that will fit in with the theme of this wedding and something that represents your friendship. Enamel pins can be used to decorate the groomsmen’s outfits or as a reminder of the wedding. Order Now

Rather than simply asking them casually if they would like to be your best man, by putting in some more effort, you can make them feel very special. Some gift ideas include:

  • Socks
  • A food basket
  • A watch
  • A tie (to be worn at the wedding)
  • Customized cufflinks 

Use a Subscription Service 

Subscription boxes have grown in popularity over the last few years. You pay a monthly subscription to subscribe to a service in which an outside company compiles and mails your favorite things. Whatever your interests are, there is a subscription box for you. Choose a subscription box that reflects your best man or your connection with them. Many of these subscription boxes offer free or low-cost trials.

Send a message thanking them for the events they shared with you, along with a formal invitation to be your best man in the first box. 

Plan an Event

If you really want to do something special, why not ask your potential best man – and maybe even any other groomsmen you want to have, although it depends how intimate you want the occasion to be – to a special event. This could be a meal at your favorite restaurant, a night out at a bar you both like, or possibly a weekend getaway (although remember, if this is the case, you’ll need to let your friend know in advance since they’ll need to pack). 

Use the occasion, which should have a link to you and your friend, if possible, to ask them. They will love the fact that you did something special, and they will be excited for you even if they are also nervous about what they need to do as your best man. If they are a little nervous, let them know you’ll help them as long as they help you.