How Social Media Causes Depression



Depression is a disorder of feelings of sadness, loss, anger, or frustration interfere with everyday life for a period of several weeks or longer.

This condition has several triggers, and technology could be one of them. Currently, there are 2,870 million active cell phones in the world. Although, there are more and more people who use social networks, does the use of these smartphones have something to do with depression?



Alexis Solis Romero, academic from the UNAM’s School of Psychology, says that using the computer or the cell phone is not the problem, but rather that we put aside many activities such as talking or interacting face to face; there is no empathic coexistence coupled with a poor quality of sleep.

Low self-esteem plays an important role in person who suffer from depression and you need to check this link for better consulting because depression is one of the basic causes of low self-esteem, which affects self-efficacy and self-image.

Self-esteem and Social Networks

Social Media Can Impact Your Law Claims

Social Media

In what way can a social network affect our self-esteem? The physical, social and economic standards that we see there influence self-esteem; Most of us users present ourselves with a happy life because we need our “ration” of dopamine, that is, we want our happy posts to get many likes, we need that social reinforcement.


That’s when addiction to the internet, social networks, or video games arrives. How do I know if I have an addiction to this type? The constant sleeplessness in front of the cell phone or the computer for being chatting or looking at publications in any social network, neglecting activities such as school or work because we do not get rid of the cell phone, as well as leaving aside our real life to attend the network, are unequivocal symptoms addiction to such devices.



Technology, he points out, is neither good nor bad, the same as social networks, it all depends on the responsible use that is given and the time that is dedicated to it.

When giving the lecture Does my cell phone depress me? In the world of Light, during the Depression cycle, the specialist said that depression occurs as a consequence of a serotonin deficit, that is, our brain begins to have problems with the secretion, absorption, and reception of serotonin; the lack of pleasant activities is a consequence of this disease.

Close relationship between anxiety and depression

anxiety and depression

Anxiety and Depression

It should be noted that anxiety is present in most cases of depression; almost one leads to the other “It has been seen that people who are depressed stop doing the things they like, and restarting these types of activities can greatly improve the symptoms of depression.”

According to Alexis Solís, a constant among depressed people is that they see the world and life in a catastrophic way, even when the reasons that led them to depression do not coincide. Another characteristic is that they have a poor vision of the future.

Exercising, expressing what we feel, and trying to find the positive side of things are some alternatives to avoid depression. If you think you have this condition, you can try to put this into practice and, of course, look for a specialist to help you.

Depression During Covid-19

The technology can be a very useful tool in cases of isolation, as exists throughout the world as a result of the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19. Although warnings by the World Health Organization (WHO) to quarantine the entire population of countries with people infected by the virus, other problems arise, mainly increased levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. An immediate negative effect of the quarantine is the excessive use of social networks, the results of the metrics by the main platforms and instant messaging such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Telegram have increased in activity within the applications above holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and other holidays that take place in different regions of the world.

Covid 19

Covid 19

The compulsory isolation for the effect of the spread of the COVID-19 within households worldwide causes intense psychological distress in many people; Similarly, isolating themselves from society, facing the panic of a pandemic, and maintaining a regular distraction during work or study hours in the case of young people, considerably transforms the attitudes and emotions of isolated people.

The main factors that can raise the levels of depression, anxiety, or stress are caused by collective panic, an important factor replicated in many parts of the world; through social networks, you can see in shopping malls the panic buying that deplete cleansers, masks, and other articles that promise to combat COVID-19.

The alarm of a pandemic triggers panic reactions forming a domino effect. On the Internet, you can find thousands of false notes or fake news that cause confusion by spreading false ideas capable of generating stress or anxiety in some people. Likewise, the most viable option is to obtain information through verified sources and avoid false messages and audios type chain. Staying home is not a pretext for getting carried away by chaos, ignoring schedules, or spending time without having some kind of activity planned, experts said.

La Made Mask CoronaVirus Disease and Duties of Human Beings


Specialists recommend making a schedule planning each hour of the day in order to spend time with the family, tasks at home, or look for other types of information related to the spread of COVID-19. The psychological aspects of forced isolation must be taken into account; on that, it will depend that the measures indicated by the WHO are satisfactory.

The social distance and limiting paths require the commitment and responsibility of individuals for the purpose of distracting the mind without feeling the passing of time indoors due to the pandemic coronavirus COVID-19.