How much does Education app development cost?

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app development

Nowadays, all a person needs is a smartphone to learn anywhere and at any time. The demand for education has developed into a hub for technological advancements and a sizable market. Several businesses, including Samsung and major tech players, invest in the eLearning and smart education sectors. The education application grows by billions of dollars every year. Any business can consult an education app development company to design and develop such apps. 

What are the different costs associated with creating educational apps?

It might be challenging to determine the precise cost of developing an educational app. The standard MVP-level creation cost ranges from $20,000 to $60,000. Yet, the final cost could fall in a much different range. It could range from $10,000 to $150,000. An MVP, or minimum viable product, is less expensive than an application with all the necessary features. A reputed education app development company may provide a quote.

The following elements affect the final and the overall cost in addition to capability and technological stack.

  • Complexity levels

The idea of the app’s complexity directly affects the development expenses. The degree of complexity of the organizational logic, including the number of positions, functions, interfaces, or monetization schemes, determines the complexity of the app. Greater research, planning, and more intricate design are also necessary. 

The two major parties that educational apps serve are teachers and students. Developers have to design particular app features necessary for both parties to use. There are many features that a student app possesses such as login, profile, courses, payments and so forth. Each of the features requires a considerable amount of development time which can differ on both iOS and Android platforms. For instance, one can hire Android developer to develop for that platform.  

  • Development platform

The three most popular platforms for developing applications are iOS, Android, and the web. Since both platforms use different programming languages, creating apps for both platforms at once may cost twice as much. Making an educational application that works on iOS and Android would be very expensive. 

  • Application design

It can be challenging to build an educational application. It can take a lot of effort and money to create an engaging and user-friendly UI/UX style. Yet, as users favor using smart apps, design is a vital success factor. A design for a platform, such as iOS or Android, takes UI/UX designers a minimum of about 120 hours or five days to complete. 

  • Developer location

Different areas typically have varied hourly rates for developers. For instance, the USA offer the costliest application development solutions. Conversely, less expensive rates are available in nations like India.

For instance, the hourly rate for an Android developer in the US is approximately $150 to $170. In Australia, it can range from $110 to $150. In the European region, it can range from $35 to $100. 

  • Admin panel

A ton of fun tools are available in the admin panel for managing users. It permits the blocking, modification, and deletion of users. As managing a large number of users manually is impossible, one requires an admin panel. The admin panel additionally offers payment handling. The development of this portion of an educational application takes a minimum of 100 hours.

  • Quality assurance

The apps are thoroughly tested by QA specialists to identify flaws and resolve them. The complexity of any project would determine the ultimate cost of testing. QA experts require more than 1000 hours to test an MVP educational application.

Tips to control the expenses on an educational application

Following are some tips for lowering educational app development costs. One can speak with an education app development company to further minimize the overall costs.

  • Features

The functionality and features that are needed in the app have a significant impact on the cost of building an educational app. Thus, strive to reduce them as much. To reduce time and expenses, the most obvious features should be implemented before the less important functions.

  • Bug-fixing

Mistakes must be recognized and remedied rapidly. It may also be substantially more expensive to correct issues at the end of the development phase than at the start. Spend less money and feel less stress by resolving issues as they happen.

  • Outsource development

Outsourcing is a supplementary strategy for minimizing development expenses. For instance, the business is not compelled to invest time or money in such things as opening an office or hiring more employees. With outsourced developers, a business saves a lot of money because of their low cost.


Investing in custom mobile app development to build an educational app is a profitable business. It is an investment that pays off by increasing education and creating learning more accessible to children with the appropriate team and plan. The greatest educational application promotes active involvement, eliminates distractions, and creates a comfortable learning environment for users.