How does an Induction Cap Sealing Machine Work?  

Induction Cap Sealing Machine

Induction Cap Sealing Machine

What is Induction Cap Sealing Machine?

An induction cap sealing machine uses the induction heating technique to seal the inner aluminum foil and non-metallic containers, such as glass and plastic containers. The induction heating technique involved in this case has various applications, but primarily it’s utilized in the cap sealing.

The induction cap sealing machine is used for producing beverage caps, and with this kind of heat seal machine, the caps can be directly sealed on top of the container. The induction sealing machine consists of an induction heating head and a separate control box. The moving conveyor belt heats the cap on the heating heads when they pass under it. The two heat sources create a pressure-temperature difference between the aluminum foil cap and polymer film.

The induction cap sealer is essential to improving productivity and reducing costs. Industries are demanding reliable and low-cost sealers, which continue to swell.

How does an Induction Cap Sealing Machine Work?

An induction cap sealing machine works by first supplying the capped container and an aluminum foil to a cap before capping it on the container. Then, the components are supplied to an induction head through accumulation conveyors, where they are correctly oriented and consistently lined up in one straight line. Once the caps pass under the heat seal head, they enter the envelope created by an inductive magnetic field, which instantly generates heat when contacting the foil material embedded in your bottle caps.

The wax layer, which is the second layer of the induction liner, melts and is absorbed by the topmost layer – the pulp paperboard layer. When the wax layer melts completely, the third layer (the aluminum foil layer) is released from the lid. The last liner layer, the polymer layer, also heats and melts onto the plastic container’s lip. Once the polymer cools down, the created bond between the polymer and the container produces a hermetically sealed product.

The whole sealing process does not negatively affect the product inside the container. However, it is possible for foil overheating to happen, which causes damage to the layer of the seal resulting in faulty seals. To avoid this, VTOPS performs strict quality inspections throughout the whole manufacturing process of your customized induction cap sealer equipment.


The induction cap sealer is an essential piece of equipment for manufacturing, production, and packaging lines because it dramatically improves productivity. As all industries are doing their best to reduce costs and improve productivity, the demand for reliable and low-cost sealers is more significant than ever.

VTOPS is experienced in manufacturing high-quality and a wide variety of induction cap sealing machines. These machines include hand-held induction cap sealer machines, semi-automatic induction cap sealer machines, and heavy-duty inline automated induction cap sealer machines.