How Do You Clean Evaporator Coils Without Removing Them?

Clean Evaporator Coils

Clean Evaporator Coils

Air Conditioners are an impressively helpful system to cool your home during summer. It is even considered an irreplaceable system in areas where the heat can become unbearable. While an AC will keep your house cool and maintain the needed temperature, it also requires proper cleaning to keep the system functional and in the best position. Following this, you need to clean several parts of the system to work appropriately thoroughly.

Lack of regular cleaning can cause the system to clog, shutting down the system. It is also imperative that you clean all the parts of your AC to enjoy it and prevent incessant repair bills. AC compartments like the evaporator coil can be easily cleaned without actually removing it, and this means you do not need to learn a special way of opening the system back.

It is possible to clean your evaporator coil at home using coil cleaning spray and spray control water. You can also contact qualified HVAC companies for several air conditioning deals, including cleaning of the evaporator coil.

What is an Evaporator coil?

An evaporator coil is one of the compartments of your Air Conditioning Unit that help harness chilled or cool refrigerant in its liquid state. Your AC works by removing heat from the house, this heat passes through the evaporator coil, and it then turns into cool air, which is later circulated in your house.

 Why should you clean your AC evaporator coil?

Neglecting the evaporator coil keeps chunks in your AC, which can affect how it works. Chunks like mold, dirt, and debris can accumulate consistently to an extent where it becomes a repair problem and can cause you a lot of money. However, keeping your evaporator coil clean will save you a lot of money and keep your Air Conditioning unit in good condition. Below are some of the reasons you must keep the evaporator coil clean:

1. Optimal cooling and operation

When the AC evaporator coil works efficiently, the system becomes efficient because the evaporator coil is responsible for cooling the warm air in the house. A clean evaporator means that a cool refrigerator is effortlessly passed around the house and keeps it cool.

2. Extend the life of the evaporator coil

You do want to be faced with replacing the evaporator coil since that costs a lot of money. However, you can easily prevent this by ensuring that your AC evaporator coil is periodically cleaned. This will prevent the building of dirt, algae, and mold that may eventually lead to refrigerant leaks. This will ultimately increase how long your AC lasts.

3. Prevent you from spending on repair

If you consider the amount required to repair an AC, you will naturally prefer periodic maintenance as that is the only way to escape constant repair. This is because AC usually develops problems relating to either fan, motor or evaporator coil. Once the evaporator coil is clean, you are one step-free from paying for future repair.

How can I clean the AC evaporator coil without removing It?

If you are planning on getting the service of an HVAC technician, you do not need to worry about anything because most of these experts will remove the coil to clean it properly. However, since you are doing this at home, you should not try removing the coil as this can become complicated and cause you serious work.

To clean the evaporator coil without removing it, put on protective goggles and a mask to avoid inhaling fumes and dust from the cleaning process. Now follow the steps below:

Step 1: Gather the required materials. These are:

  •       Screwdriver
  •       Dog grooming brush
  •       Coil cleaner spray
  •       Shop-vac or preferred spray-control water
  •       Protective gears (mask and goggles)
  •       Flashlight
  •       Extra rags

Step 2: Start cleaning the evaporator coil by turning off the AC unit. It is essential that you do not keep your AC on while cleaning it. This is to ensure your safety and prevent electric shock.

Step 3: After turning off the AC, remove the AC covering panel using the most appropriate screw.

Step 4: Now that the panel is unscrewed, you can visibly see the evaporator coil. Use the brush in our material list to remove all the dust. Ensure that you can extend the brush to reach the backside of the evaporator coil for proper cleaning. Now repeat this step for as long as possible till you are sure that the coil is cleaned.

Step 5: After you’ve cleared the dust with the brush, spray the coil with the coil cleaning spray to get rid of any sticky dirt. To do this, cover the coil fully with the spray and let it stay for 25 minutes.

Step 6: Follow step 5 up with the shop-Vac or any other spray-control water on the coil. This will rinse off the coil cleaning spray and dirt giving you a thoroughly cleaned evaporator coil. The water used in rinsing will be released into the drain line.

Now you are done cleaning your evaporator coil, return the covering panel and turn on the AC a few minutes later to enjoy.


Cleaning your Air Conditioning unit should be a top priority because the system is expensive and costs reasonably for repair. Due to this high cost, AC maintenance is often preferred to AC repair. Whether at home or by HVAC technicians, what is certain is that you can clean the coil without opening the evaporator coil.

Taking time out to check your AC once in a while will not prevent you from anything, and it will also save you from experiencing things like AC breaking down in the middle of summer. This article will put you through how to easily clean the evaporator coil without removing it; however, where you think this is not working, contact qualified HVAC companies to get the job done.